4 Dying Ember

I've been inside your head, don't act like you're cold and bitter.

I don't know what you said, but we weren't gold and glitter.

Cause you burned me and turned me and told me love hurts.

You broke me and choked me and pulled me forwards.

It was hellish, but relished. Appealing, but bad.

Then I noticed the remotest faint feeling I had.

I didn't want this.

I needed a promise.

I wouldn't forget

What I had learned from this.

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I'll have felt it before,

When all I want is more.

It's not too late yet

Choose not to ignore.

You can walk it with God

You can rip out the cancer

Or take time to prepare

You can trust in his might

You can see past facades

You can wait for an answer

You can offer your prayer

And have faith in the light

Although it starts burning bright

You can swear to remember

It just isn't right...

To fan a dying ember

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