Chapter 9


After leaving the hotel and my best friend Reinhard,I had no idea as to where I should go.I didn't want to return back to my city.I thought if I would return, I might have to face him and I had promised myself not to appear in front of him .I was deeply hurt.I didn't want to spare myself for the deed.I was blaming myself because while cherishing that moment with him I completely forgot that he was married.

I was angry with him too that after all he proofed that he was a man.He betrayed his sweetheart.How could he do this?My Reinhard didn't dare to hurt anyone.He was the one who used to bring smiles on anyone's face.What happened to him that night?But it's not his fault alone it was me who was admitting myself to him.I should have controlled my emotions too.I was filled with guilt.The most hurting thing was that I lost my best friend as the consequence.

Finally I decided to go back to my orphanage home. I remembered that Katty might be waiting for me.I called her and told her every thing.I was crying a lot while talking to her.She was very worried about me.She suggested me to listen to my heart.She was so hurt to know that I would be returning back.She asked me where I would be going?I replied her that I would go to the place where I could live peacefully forgetting everything.I knew it was not easy to forget him.

What if Reinhard called me?I was not willing to talk to him at all.I just switched off my phone.I just took the first flight for my orphanage home.Luckily I got the ticket and I left before anyone could find me.

I reached my orphanage home.Mother Mary was glad to see me back.But I broke down in front of her.She knew that I was going through an immense pain.She calmed me and asked me what had happened.She was like my mother.I told everything to her and kept my head on her lap.She tried to console me.She assured that whatever the situation be she would be always there for me. I got calm.

I started teaching in the same school where I had studied during my childhood.But as I used to reach there I was always reminded of my best friend Reinhard. I was reminded of our school days that we had spent together.It was not easy for me to forget him at all.I was reminded of how destiny brought us together.Thise beautiful moments he created for me at the party and that night where our soul became one.At the same time I used to hate myself for admitting myself to a married man.

One day after the school was over I went to the garden The garden was filled with beautiful flowers with colourful petals. I remembered how Reinhard would pluck the beautiful flowers and keep inside my bag secretly until I caught him red-handed.He knew that I loved flowers. He could do anything to bring smiles on my face.The more I tried to forget him the more he was all in my minds and memories. I realised that my life was incomplete without him.But the truth was that he was married and had a daughter.

I sat on a bench in the garden.I kept my head down and started sobbing.There was no one who could take me out of the pain.

"Hey! why are you crying?" I heard a familiar voice.My heart started to pound.I rose my head up.

God! Was it a reality or my illusion?It was Reinhardt.I wanted to escape from there but he pulled me.I was

anxious at that moment.

He clarified me that I was misunderstood.I got to know that he wasn't married and his daughter was not her biological daughter.He had adopted her from an orphanage home.I got relieved .I felt so proud of him.I was really glad that he hadn't betrayed anyone.

After proofing that he was innocent he knelt down and purposed me for marriage with a lovely diamond ring.He confessed that I was his childhood crush and he had loved only me till date.I felt so delighted .It was like a dream come true situation.

Without thinking twice I just accepted his proposal.After all he was my childhood crush too.He put ring on my finger and we kissed each other.

We had a grande marriage ceremony including everyone from his family,friends,relatives, mother Mary , everyone from my orphanage home and Katty for sure.She was among the one who was really happy for us.I asked her to live with us as our family member.She refused earlier but after insisting a lot she agreed.

Sometimes dreams may come true if your love is true and pure.I had always loved my childhood crush Reinhard with pure soul .I didn't get married to anyone because I always felt him inside my soul.I always had a strong feeling that our destiny will bring us together one day.Finally we were destined to meet after waiting a for a long sixteen year.

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As a blessing of that almighty we are happy life partners now. Our love and respect for eachother has grown more deeper with each passing day.He gave me a beautiful daughter Lindsley whom he had adopted from the orphanage home.We call her junior Lindsley.I gifted her a charming brother Rein after nine months pregnancy. My children are fond of their grandparents .And yah Katty has become their favourite aunt.We all are living together as a complete and happy family.

********* THE END ********"