Chapter 8


The next morning as I woke up I was very excited.I was going to pupose my child crush for marriage.But I didn't found her in bed.I thought she might have been in the washroom.I waited for her but she didn't come.I went to check by myself.The door of the bathroom was not locked.Nobody was inside.I was scared.I called her by her name.But there wasn't any reply.

I thought of checking her belongings.To my great surprise,there wasn't anything neither her luggage nor her bags nothing.I called her several times but her phone was switched off.

So,she had left the hotel without informing me.But why she did so?Was she angry with me for what happened last night?But that was our pure love not a lust.Did I hurt my best friend? I was feeling guilty.I realised that I should have controlled my emotions.I needed to talk to her.I could not let her go out of my life.I was going through several thoughts.

I called Mike and asked him to get information about her. He contacted everyone he knew in that hotel but no one had any information about her.I didn't want to lose her again.We left the hotel and rushed towards the airport.

I wished to find her in the airport.But she was not there.Mike and me searched for her everywhere But we couldn't find her.I was getting hopeless.We returned back to our city.

Mike helped me find out her address.She lived in Pink Street, Galaxy Apartment Flat.No.143.Without wasting my time I hurriedly drove my car towards her apartment.I stopped in front of the Galaxy apartment.My heart was beating fast .

I took lift and stopped in front of the flat no.143.I rang the doorbell.I was expecting to see Lindsley and confess my love to her. But an unknown lady opened the door.

"Who are you?" She questioned with a doubtful look.

Hi! My name is Reinhard Fayol.I have come here to meet my friend Lindsley.....I replied.

Ohhh!So it's you because of whom my friend left this city and me...She answered with disgust .

What?She left this city...What do you mean by that...Could you please tell me where had she gone?I pleaded her.....

"Don't act like an innocent could you take advantage of a woman who loved you more than herself.".....She asked me furiously....

I didn't get you.....I haven't taken any advantage of her at all....What happened between us was our pure and true love for each other..... I broke down in front of her.....

"How can you love anyone when you are a married man with a daughter".....She screamed at me...

A married man?I was just clueless.Who told you that I am a married man....? I asked her as I was shocked....

"Lindsley herself had called me ....She was so happy that she met her childhood crush and her best friend in the tour...she got to know that you were married and you have a daughter....She was feeling guilty for admitting herself to a married man...She was just crying because she had lost her true friendship....So she decided not to come back to this city again".....she explained.

I was totally shocked.My heart melted when I got to know that I was also her childhood crush and she too loved me as a did.....

You both have misunderstood about me...I swear I haven't married yet.....Yes I do have a daughter but I am not her biological father...I have adopted her from an orphanage home and named her after my childhood crush Lindsley.....I had planned to purpose her for marriage but she left without informing me.She even switched her phone off....I explained everything to her...

"Is it so ?Then I am very happy for you both... My name is Katty....I am Lindsley's friend and room partner.I am really sorry for all misunderstandings.....I think she must have returned to her orphanage home....she haven't told me where she went.....but I am sure she have gone there..." she replied me excitedly.

Yes you are absolutely right....She might have gone to her orphanage home....I felt hopeful.I just thanked Katty.

Hey!Best of luck Reinhard..... Don't forget to invite me in your marriage....she laughed.....

Sure! We will definitely invite you....Just pray the god to bring us together again.Bye....I left from there.

I bought a beautiful diamond ring for Lindsley.

I took the first flight for the orphanage home.After a long flight I reached the place where I had been 20 years before.It was already evening.I got all refreshed by my childhood memories.I directly went to the Mother Mary Orphanage Home.I had a strong hope that our destiny would definitely bring us together .And we would never part from each other again.I was impatiently waiting to meet her and confess my feelings to her.I wanted to clear all our misunderstandings.I was experiencing butterflies in my stomach.

In no time I reached the orphanage home.I was stopped by the watchman in the gate.I didn't want to face any restrictions that might come in our ways.

"Whom do you want to meet sir?"The watchman asked.

Can I meet with Lindsley Roberts Please ?.....I replied .....

"Okey just wait for a moment".....he phoned the in-charge....

I was wondering wheather she would agree to meet me or not.... Whatever would she decide I would not return without meeting her I told to myself.

"Sorry sir she is not here right now".....the watchman informed.

I felt sad...please can I know where she is right now? ...I asked him.

"Sorry sir we can't share information about anyone ..... It's a rule...hope you understand"...He refused to provide information about her.

I knew it was a formality and we must follow it but I was impatient to meet her .....I didn't know what what to do next.Suddenly a thought appeared in my mind.I thought of going to visit our school where we had met for the first time and spent our lovely four years out there.

I took a cab and headed to my school.The cab stopped in front of my school.

I went inside.The faded memories of my childhood started roaming around me.My heart was filled with love and emotions.The beautiful images of my best friend Lindsley started to appear in front of my eyes.I was in the seventh heaven then. I was having a strong gut feeling that something good was going to happen with me.

I went inside the garden.Flowers with colourful petal were blossomed everywhere.I was feeling pleasant.Just then I heard someone sobbing in.It was the voice of a female.

Who might be sobbing here in the garden at this evening time....I wandered.

I followed the sobbing sound.Someone was sitting on the bench with her heads down and sobbing.As I went closer to her my heart started pounding .I felt if she was my Lindsley.

Hey! Why are you crying? I asked her with a heavy heart.

She just stopped sobbing after hearing me.My heart was beating faster.I started trembling.She rose her head high....

Damn!I was correct.She was none other than my love Lindsley.

After seeing me she tried to escape without speaking a word.But I pulled her towards me.

"Just leave me alone and let me go"....she said with her eyes full of tear.

Hey you had promised me that you would never know I hate to see tears in your beautiful eyes...I tried to comfort her.

"I am sorry for what happened....I have promised myself not to come in front of please let me go"...She pleaded.

Sorry for what?You haven't done anything wrong?.... Actually it was all my fault that I lost my control on my emotions.So why are you punishing yourself for the fault of mine?.....I replied.

"Please let me go.....I have lost my true virginity self respect ..... everything that I had....I don't want to face you"...She broke down...

I was feeling extremely guilty .

How can I let my life go?I too broke down ...

"Please don't kid at this moment....I am serious....Go back to your sweetheart and your daughter....I will always pray for your happiness "She requested.

What the hell?Just listen to me I haven't married anyone. For your kind information sweetheart is the nickname I had given to my mom when I talk to her.And Lindsley is my Five year daughter whom I had adopted from an orphanage home .I named her after you ...

"What?" She sighed in surprise.....

Yes my are the only one whom I have loved.You were my childhood crush.Its only you whom I had my feelings for since childhood .I tried several times to confess my feelings and my love to you but I feared of losing our friendship.But now when I already knew that you also have feelings for me....I don't wanna lose you....I want you to be mine and stay with me forever.

I wiped out her tears.She seemed calm.I just knelt down in front of her.I took out the diamond ring from my pocket.I purposed her.

Will you marry me? Would you like to spend the rest of your life becoming my better half?I promise I would always keep you happy....I will never let the tears fall from beautiful eyes.... Would you be mine?

"Yes.Definitely yes."She accepted my proposal with her innocent million dollar smile.

I put ring on her finger.I hugged her and kissed her.

I was thankful to our destiny that kept my hope alive and brought us together.We were made for each other.We were lucky that our love had a happy start and it would remain the same forever.I got my childhood crush ,my best friend and my true love back in my life.Now my life is complete with her .We are living happily together with our daughter junior Lindsley and our son Rein,my parents and Katty.

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