Chapter 7


His eyes fall upon the pink doll that was kept on my bed.

"Hey?You have still kept this doll with you.Is this the same doll that I had gifted you in our first friendship day?" He asked me curiously.

Yes.Its the same doll.....I replied.

"So you do care about my gift yah? he added.

Why not? After all it was gifted by my best friend....I smiled.I never felt you far from me .This gift always reminded me of our true friendship.....I got emotional.

"And what about me? Don't you care about me?" he asked me .He seemed emotional as well.

Yes I care you more than myself.... I answered.I was filled with emotions.

He was listening to me with silence peeps.

Okey....just wait.....I need to change my dress....saying this I went to the washroom .I changed myself into my purple night gown.

As I was back , Reinhard was just glancing at me.....

"Wow...You look awesome .Must say you are naturally beautiful." he complimented.

Thank you.....I blushed.

As I was walking to my bed I just slipped and fell onto his arms.He was holding me in his arms.

Our eyes met.He was staring at me with his killer eyes.I was not able to look at his eyes.I just closed my eyes.

As I closed my eyes he gently kissed me on my forehead.It was a heavenly feeling for me.It was the kiss of my childhood crush,my prince charming. Chills went down my spine.My lips were shivering.I felt the warmth of his lips upon my lips.

At that moment I completely forgot that he was a married man with a daughter. At that instance I only remembered that he was my childhood crush whom I had met after a long sixteen years.He was all mine.

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He lifted me and took me to the bed.He started showering kisses on me.I was responding to him.We came closer and closer. We were admitting ourselves to eachother.We were not able to control our emotions and feelings.And finally I lost my virginity to him.We didn't spoke a word .We were lost in eachother as we were paying for all those years that we lived without each other.We lived our sixteen years in that single night.

The next morning as I woke up,I found myself under his wraps.I was feeling so safe and loved under his wrap.I looked at him....He had a sweet smile on his face....God!He looked so cute and innocent.I remembered the last night and I was all smiling.

Soon I heard the vibration of his phone.I picked it up.All at a sudden I got stunned .It was a call from his sweetheart.

I realised my mistake.I thought I was a emotional fool.I was feeling guilty for his wife and daughter.I cursed myself for losing my control on my emotions and feelings.I was not going to spare myself for my deed.I was hating myself at that moment.

I not only lost my virginity to a married man but also I lost my true friendship.I won't be able to face him.What would he think about me now?I lost my respect .I lost everything in that one night.Several questions were flowing in my mind's.I was all numb.

Without thinking twice I just removed myself from his wrap.I went to the washroom .I got fresh.When I was back he was still sleeping.

Thanks god! He is still sleeping.I can't face him now.Its better if we won't meet with eachother again.....I was feeling badly hurt... Destiny brought us together but the bitter truth was we were not made for eachother...May god bless him a happy life with his family...I spoke to myself.....

I went to him silently.... I kissed him on his forehead for the last time.....I was all crying....I will never come in front of him again but I will keep loving him rest of my life....I promised to myself.....

I left the hotel with my luggage without informing anyone. I had no idea where I was going.I was returning empty-handed.I had lost the most precious things of my life ,my true friendship ,my virginity and my self respect.


After parting our ways I directly headed towards shopping mall.I wanted to buy a gift for my Best friend,my childhood crush Lindsley.

I knew red was her favourite colour.My eyes fall upon the dummy wearing beautiful wine red gown with golden belt paired with lovely heel sandal. I knew that she was going to look great in that lovely dress.I just bought the dress and asked the cashier to wrap it as a gift. I wrote a short note for Lindsley and kept it inside the gift before it got wrapped.Then I came back to my hotel room.

I called my manager Mike and asked him about the arrangements of dinner party.

All arrangements have been taken care of properly and efficiently Mike assured.

I was eagerly waiting to talk to her .I also wanted to find out what the of Lindsley was. I wanted to send her the gift that I bought for her.I wanted her to wear that dress in the party.I had already asked for her number.I just called her.My heart started pounding as I heard her soft voice.

We were having lovely conversation after many years.With my fingers crossed I asked about her husband.I was afraid as I didn't want to hear about her being married.I was becoming little selfish but I was the one who didn't get married.I had spent my sixteen years with a hope to meet her and express my feelings to her.

As expected she was also single.There was no limitation of happiness when I heard it.I became so emotional when I got to know that even she had missed me more.At that moment I realised that she had also a soft corner for me in her heart.I was mentally prepared to purpose her . I thought it to be wise to wait for the right moment.But I didn't want to make any delay then.

I was impatiently waiting for her in the party.Soon she appeared with Mike and Mr.Smith.She was looking dead drop gorgeous in wine red gown that I gifted her. She was simply looking out of world in her open hair.Everyone over there were peeping at her beauty.I could not take my eyes off her.I went to her and hugged her tightly.I was treating her like my lady.I introduced her as my childhood friend and my best friend to all.

We had our dinner together.After dinner ,I persisted her to dance.I noticed that she was not feeling comfortable but I convinced her for dance.She accompanied me and that was the loveliest moment of my life.We both were enjoying the moment to the fullest.I was enjoying the moment with my angel,my childhood crush.It was like a dream come true for me.

After the party, everyone went to their rooms.I went to drop her to her room.I wasn't willing to part from her.When she opened her room I asked her to let me in as I wanted to spend that night talking to her.At first she seemed to refuse me but she agreed.After all we both had badly missed each other in the past sixteen years.

I got so touched when I saw the pink doll on her bed.It was the same doll that I had gifted to her in our first friendship day.And she had still kept it deliberately with her.I could feel her care for me and my gift.She went to change her dress.She was back in a purple night gown .She looked absolutely stunning .Her charming face was defining what natural beauty meant.

As she was stepping towards her bed she just slipped and fell down into my arms.My eyes fell into her beautiful big eyes that were staring at me .She was not able to look into my eyes.She was trembling.She closed her eyes.At that moment I was completely losing my control.My crush was with me.She was all mine.i kissed on her forehead.Her lip was shivering.I kissed her on her lips.It was a heavenly feeling.Our feelings and emotions for each other was a pure one.We got closer and closer.We admitted ourselves to each other.We were lost in each other without speaking a word.I was a proud man whom she gave her virginity to.I was sure that she also loved me a lot.Her faith on me was the biggest proof about her immense and pure love for me.I was considering myself lucky .We had paid our sixteen years in that one night.I realised that I was incomplete without her.She was my life .I could not imagine my life without her.I decided to purpose her for marriage the next morning.We had a sound sleep under the warm wraps of eachother..

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