Chapter 4


After getting out of the plane, I saw Mr.Smith, our co-ordinator waiting for me with a car. He had reached there two days before .

" Welcome mam...All the arrangements have been made.I was just waiting for you.We will be attending the conference tomorrow at sharp 10 a.m.".Mr.Smith acknowledged me.

"Please get inside mam."...he further added.

He opened the door of the car .I was looking at that strange handsome man .He waved his hands with a gentle smile .I also waved my hands with a smile and got inside.I didn't know why I was responding to him. He seemed as if he wanted to ask me something. I didn't know the reason but I was really feeling unhappy.I was not able to know why I was getting emotionally connected to him.After all he was a stranger and I wasn't going to meet him again.Moreover he was a married man with a daughter.I didn't have anything to do with him.

I sat beside the window of the car.Mr.Smith was explaining about the project.But I was not able to concentrate on what he was saying. The face of that strange man was revolving around me.I was only reminded of his face,his smile ,his magical eyes and his voice that was taking me back to the sweet memories of my childhood crush Reinhard.

After some minutes our car stopped in front of the Green Mount View Hotel.We got out from the car and entered the hotel.We got into the lift and stopped at the tenth floor.

Room no.330 .Mr.Smith handed me the key.

"Get fresh mam and just give me a call if you need anything.I am next to you."Smith said.

Okey!I will definitely call you if I need anything.If you don't mind please send a cup of green tea for me.I told to him.

" Sure mam....." He said

Thank you so much for everything Mr.Smith.... I thanked him.

"It's my pleasure mam."... he said and left .

I opened my room and locked it from inside .I took bath and changed my dress .Just then someone knocked at my door.I opened the door .

"Your green tea mam" the waiter was standing.

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He went inside, kept the tray on the table. I thanked him and he left.

I went towards the balcony .I sat on a chair and started taking sips of my green tea.The view from the hotel's balcony was so pleasant and soothing .The golden sky,the green tress, colourful flowers,water fountains, twittering birds everything was just mesmerizing.Again I was reminded of that strange man.I was trying to forget him .But I wasn't getting rid of his face.I could not understand why his face was disturbing me .

I thought of calling Katty.

Me:Hello.... Lindsley speaking.How you doing Katty?

Katty:Hello sweetie.... What's up?I am doing well...What about you?Did you reach safely or not?

Me:Yup . Everything is fine over here.I reached safely.I am in my hotel room right now.

Katty:Hmmm ....I am missing you dear....Hey did you found your prince charming?

Me:Just shut up Katty.

Katty: Okay....I was just kidding.Tell me How's your preparation going on?

Me:That' the problem dear.I am not able to concentrate on my presentation.

Katty:Why.?..what happened?...You have worked so hard for your presentation.

Me:I don't know how to explain it to you ?I had met a hansome guy whom I had never seen.But his face,smile ,voice everything reminded me of my childhood crush Reinhard.We met in the airport .He sat next to me in the plane.He even waved his hands while we were parting.And now he is all in my minds.I am trying to forget him but I am not able to do so.

Katty: Ahem..Ahem...Then finally you got your prince charming yah.... what's his name? misunderstood me.He is a married man and he has got a daughter too.I heard him talking with his sweetheart and daughter.I don't know his name.We didn't communicate .

Katty: What? He is a married man. Then why the hell are you thinking about him?Just forget him and focus on your presentation dear.Take a deep breathe....calm yourself....

Me:Okey... you are absolutely right....I am just wasting my time thinking about a stranger.Now I am feeling relieved after talking to you.I will definitely focus on my presentation.

Katty: Okey ...all the best...miss you a lot...take care sweetie.

Me:You too take care dear....Love you more than you do...bye.


Now I was feeling well after talking to Katty.I just reviewed my presentation .I gave it a final check.Soon I heard someone knocking at my door. I opened the door.

"Mam let's go for the dinner." Smith asked.

Could you please send my dinner in my room....I asked him a favor.

"Of course mam...just check the menu and inform me."Smith replied.

I selected the dish and Mr.Smith ordered it for me.

Soon the waiter arrived with my dinner.

"Please have your dinner mam.I am going to the dining hall.Will see you tomorrow.We will be leaving by 9.30 a.m.Goodnight mam" Mr.Smith informed me.

Okey....Will see you tomorrow. Goodnight Mr.Smith.I answered.He left from there.

I finished my dinner quickly.Then I practiced my presentation for the last time.I was feeling tired due to 8 hours long flight. I took out the pink doll from my luggage that my bestfriend Reinhard had gifted me.I hugged the doll tightly and fell asleep in no time..

It was midnight.The sky was covered with twinkling stars.It was a full moon night.The full moon was shining so bright that even during the night everything seemed so clear. I was standing in my balcony and enjoying the heavenly view .

"Lindsley please come down" .A tall man was shouting in the garden. He was in his suit and pant.I could not see his face clearly.

I was shocked .Why was the man calling me in the midnight ?How did he know my name?My heart started pounding.

Who are you ?And how did you know my name?I shouted from the balcony.

"Didn't you recognise me?I am your childhood friend Reinhard Fayol....your best friend....I was searching for you since 16 years....I had missed you so much and see finally I found you".The man replied.

Reinhard best childhood crush was searching for me.....He had also missed me like I did since 16 years.....I could not believe on what was happening with me.Tears started rolling down my eyes.It was the tears of happiness.I just ran down without caring that I was wearing a night gown.

I blindly ran towards the garden.The man was standing in the garden.My heart was beating fast.I was sweating.Tears were rolling down .I went close to him.I was not able to see his face.He just sat with one of his knees bent down.He took out a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and asked me....will you marry me Lindsley?

I was about to see his face , all of a sudden the sound of my alarm clock started hitting inside my ears.I just opened my eyes.Gosh!!!!!!! I was dreaming. sweet dream it was?But it was incomplete one.I felt so unlucky .I could not see his face though it was just a dream.I just wanted to throw the alarm clock for spoiling my dream.

Then I remembered that I was going to give my presentation.I brushed my teeth.Then I took bath .

The waiter brought my tea and breakfast in my room.

After getting done with tea and breakfast I changed myself into a formal dress.I wore a white shirt with grey coat and grey pant. I just combed my long hair and tied it up in a ponytail. I applied some sunscreen on my face,a light shaded pink lipstick and finished up with my perfume.That's how I used to get ready for my office.I didn't like to put on heavy makeups.I loved being myself.I put on my shiny black shoes . Finally I was ready for the conference.

Mr.Smith knocked at my door.I opened the door.

"Are you ready mam?Can we leave now?Did you keep the presentation files with you?" Mr.Smith started questioning me.

Yes,Mr.Smith.I am ready .We can leave Now.I have kept all the necessary files. Don't worry Mr.Smith. I answered him.

I locked my room and we headed towards the conference hall that was located in the central of the hotel..

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