1 A Pitiful Death and Reincarnation

You know I don't think anyone ever expects their death. Sometimes it can happen suddenly like a heart attack or it can happen slowly like cancer, but even then you are simply waiting for that moment you know is coming but can't prepare for. When you finally kick the bucket and move on to whatever you believe the afterlife is

My death wasn't something gruesome or sad well not tragic sad, more like a funny-sad. It was an average Tuesday, no work just lazing the day away reading novels, and playing video games like any self-respecting 20 years old with too much time would do.

After a few hours of that, I decided to get some food. Nothing fancy just some white rice. A bland meal for a bland day I always say. That was unfortunately my fatal mistake. Thinking back I don't blame anyone in my household for not mentioning that they were cooking the rice with unrefined peanut oil because maybe they didn't notice, because let me tell you I sure didn't I just ate my rice, and next thing I know I'm itching all over and I'm vomiting clear signs of going into food-induced anaphylaxis luckily I had my handy dandy Epi-pen nearby to stab my self with unlucky as I'm walking to my phone to call 911, I slip in the aforementioned vomit hitting my head on the way down, and everything goes black.

Heh, death by vomit it's not the grandest, but it's better than the overuse of Truck-kun, I mean does he even get vacation time with all the random generic isekai protagonists he kills in a day. At the very least I'm not getting a Darwin award for it but I do wonder if my obituary will say death by blunt force trauma or anaphylaxis since I didn't leave a will to make my funeral funny. Ah well, nothing I can do about it now.

Although now that I think about it I've kind of just been reminiscing in the dark what happened to the pearly gates or fiery pits, eternal darkness seems boring for all eternity oh well might as well relax then I've got nothing but time after all.


I don't know how long has passed but I suddenly hear a ding sound which weird considering there is nothing even remotely close to me.

[Host has reached required sentience level for world system activation]

Ah, now there is a blue screen in front of me, well guess that answers where the ding came from 'whew, thought the isolation made me crazy already' It looks like I was automatically pushed into the option of reincarnation though that doesn't explain the endless darkness.

Now then let us get the screen to come back.


「 Name: Unnamed fetus

Race: ????


Experience: 0/10

Health: 1/1

Mana: 100/100

Strength: 0



Intelligence: 10


Charisma: 3

Titles: Reincarnated(Hidden)

Magic affinity: Unknown

Skills: none

Magic list: none 」

'Geez my stats are a bit lopsided right now'

[Host this is due to the fact you are currently a fetus thus having little to no physical capabilities to speak of and the influence of your past life's memories increasing your intellectual stats]

Well, that makes sense. A fetus can't move around much and judging by the fact that I can't feel anything I assume I'm only in the first trimester of growth.

'Anyway system tells me about the reincarnated title and the two unknowns

[Yes host]

[Reincarnated: one who has died and kept the memories of their previous life. Stats are gained based on personality and intellectual level upon the time of death]

[In the case of the host you got +10 to Intelligence + 5 to wisdom and +3 to charisma]

'Ah why is my charisma so low'

[According to personality evaluation done by the system according to the host's past life memories host was anti-social, had trouble saying no, and never had a significant other]

'Well you're not wrong per se but I still think it should be higher'

[The host's opinion is unnecessary]

'Ugh fine then why is the race a bunch of question marks?'

[Race is unknown as the host knows nothing about their family or circumstances surrounding their birth. The race will be revealed when the host finds out about it.]

'Ah so it's a surprise'

[Yes host each race in the world gives different racial modifiers which are applied upon level up regardless of if the host knows their full racial heritage or not.]

'So I guess my magic affinity will be revealed when I find out about it as well'

[No host magic affinity is determined by the type of elemental mana absorbed while the fetus is growing]

'Oh so I get to pick then or is it automatic and why can't I feel any of this so-called mana'

[ In the case of the host you can pick due to early activation of the world system allowing filtration of the mana but normally the process is done unconsciously by the fetus during the third trimester]

'Awesome so this means that I get more mana to use the first step to being an op protagonist is complete' haha

[Incorrect host the process of filtering elemental mana simply dyes the soul with the elements of your choice it has no effect on mana capacity]

'Oof way to dash my hopes their system. Ack wait if this happens in the third trimester doesn't this mean I have to wait 8 months before I can do anything'

[Yes host]

'Umm is there a way for you to put me to sleep till it's time to filter the mana'

[ No host waiting feature is only available to the moment of birth for balance purposes, please be patient if you wish to filter your mana]

'Welp looks like I have a long 8 months ahead of me I wonder how I can count before I go crazy from boredom'

'One, Two, Three, Four...'