Chicken, The Conqueror!
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Chicken, The Conqueror!


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What is Chicken, The Conqueror!

Chicken, The Conqueror! is a popular web novel written by the author ORIIION_, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, REINCARNATION, NON-HUMAN-FEMALE-LEAD, EASTER FANTASY, Historical Romance genres. It's viewed by 69.9K readers with an average rating of 4.98/5 and 10 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Have you ever seen a chicken conquer the world? No? Then, here it is!!! Marissa found herself reincarnated into the era of Ancient Kingdom of Nusantara, met a lots of famous and important characters that were only exist in legend. A beautiful world, a bunch of handsome men, an excited royal drama, several old and awesome dynasties, and a lots of great kingdoms combined together in the same world and era. With a system, this world should be really exiting, except... She actually reincarnated into a chicken? What's with this situation?What will happen next? Would she be able to conquer a world called Nusantara Continent and become it's ruler? Or would she be able to find her true love, help him to conquer the world and become an idol couple together? Or would she instead got defeated in the middle of her journey and ended up in a plate as a Roasted Chicken Pecking? Read this exciting story about a journey of a chicken to conquer the world and her struggle to find her way back home to earth as well as her wonderful destiny in finding her sweet love!


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I've been following this novel since the very begining. It was on the WPC#133 Female Lead-No Human Allowed. Finally, congratulation, author to win the silver tier rank. Not bad, not bad! Good Job! Well, I want to make a personal evaluation of this novel. The quality of the writing is superb. There are no many mistakes, at least that's how for me. You could enjoy reading it comfortably. The characters design is very good, the development of the story is also steady, not so fast, but not slow either. The update stability is very very very stabil, at least until this moment, the author nevel stop updating the chapters every day. The world background is so wonderful. I feel like I really go back to the ancient times and witness the history unfold. The comedy is there, martial art, cultivation, game quests, missions, romance, history, myth, palace life, business stuffs, kingdom building, reincarnation, you got all of that here in one package! Overall, I love the story so much. Keep up, author! Let witness how the bad*ss chicky rise to the peak and stand at the pinnacle of the world. Here is the firecracker for the author 🎆


Well, I'm gonna make my own conclusion first before explaining further about this novel. So, here it is: "This is a novel that combine both the otome game and RPG game, situated in a historical parallel world." Yes, that's it! Why do I said so? Because here the mc should choose one from the many handsome men (supposed ML) provided in the world (there are 13 of them and called as 'Thirteen Heroes') and the mc should increase her 'love meter' with him (It didn't state clearly so, I just feel that is the case because the mc should cooperate with the ml and make him falling in love with her, so I just made my own conclusion, sorry if I'm wrong). And why did I say there is a touch of RPG? Because here in this novel, there were quests, mission, fighting, level up, hunting for beast, currency, building shop (making business), rewards, and so on. They are all several traits of RPG, so that's why I said so. Well, then, I'm gonna explain a bit about the quality of this novel or what I thought about it. 1. The quality writing is very good. It's enjoyable to read. I'm not gonna comment on this very much because I'm not someone from English Literature. But as a common readers who could be said to already read enough of this stuffs, I could say I don't have a problem with the writing. 2. The characters designs are very good. Although there are many characters and not all of them explained yet, at least we already could imagine them on our own mind based on the description written by the author. (The stories are still early, so there would a lots of space to explain them further in the future). 3. Story development: I myself found it very exciting even from the first chapter. The plot is very good, although sometimes a bit cliché, but I don't mind though as long as it was told and written in a good way. But until this current chapters, although I said there are some cliché parts, but it's only minority. The overall ideas is very good and fresh, especially the quizz at the end-part. It provide a good interaction between the readers and the author. 4. The world background is very mind-blowing as I've read some of the Nusantara Histories previously. The Ancient Kingdoms and how all the important characters as well as some fictional famous characters were blended together in the same space and time was like.. Well, that is a bit strange for me but also full of paradox. The author really have good imaginations. I love it. For peoples who hasn't read or has no clues about Nusantara, well I also can't explain much, because I also only know a bit. You should read it first by yourself hahaha I'm sorry. 5. The last is about the novel's update. Until now, the update is very stable. I hope it will be as such in the future and it wouldn't be dropped by the author. Because this novel has such a good potential. That's all I think. Overall, the story is pretty good and full of surprises. Just try to read it first. Having different opinions is normal. One thing is, this a very recommended one! Good luck, author! I hope you could keep writing and continue this novel. Thank you.


Love this story so much. The idea is very unique and the author's humor makes the story even more interesting to read. Good job author. Fighting!!


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A very great story! I love everything about this novel... I only ask for one thing, please update more often, oh mighty author, please please please moarrrr chapters, it's very interesting, I want to know how thr story will progress from then on *sob


The story is very good. Although it said it's romance, but the author is not mainly talking about the relationship of the FL and ML here, but also about cultivation, level up, business, the past, and so on. The only flaw of this novel that I could think at this moment is it's update stability. As for the writing, world background, character design, and story development are all very good. I love it too much. It would be even better if the FL someday become a fierce and cruel FL hahaha because I've been so fed up with the weak, fragile, soft, and dependable FL to the ML. Here though, although I still couldn't see the 'fierce' trait of the FL, but at least the FL is not so fussy and she doesn't always trouble the ML to save her in every bad predicament she got into. Well, I think the FL is not bad. I will change my opinion from 'not bad' to 'the best' if you could make her more bad*ass and fierce, uyeahhh hahaha








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