I wake up early in the morning take a bath, brush my teeth, comb my hair and head down to take breakfast I was so excited and nervous I couldn't the sleep whole night because I was going to my new school after I finished my break my uncle drove me and my siblings to school when we reached there we I escorted my sisters to their classes and went to my class yes I had been told where my class was as I entered everyone was inside and and listening obediently to the teacher as I entered I was welcomed with stares from everyone, woo , didn't expect that I entered greeted the Teacher greeted the students and told them about myself just like how I was told to then I was led to my seat it was near my future best friend ( Hippi ) I sat down and saw her drawing something under the table I asked her what she was drawing she told me she was drawing a girl with really red lips , big eyes, and puffy hair ( She was good at drawing according to my opinion ) I asked her who it was for the pointed at Anna and said hers, I followed her finger and saw Anna ( My Step Cousin , or should I say the most popular, most lucky, and most beautiful girl in the school she used to make friends real fast to wich was really hard for me ) I just looked at her and said oh but felt a little envious she was seating with the new girl she came at on the same day as me however she came later than me , I was jealous how come Anna gets to make friends so first even the new girl really unfare any way lets continue I was back to the world when my friend taped on my shoulder she asked me if I had any books I told her no she told me to tell the teacher so I got up and told the teacher so and he told me to go to the managers office and ask her for some books and so I did I came back with the books , looking pretty I thought I couldn't wait to write on them and yes I had a nice handwriting I went to class sat down opened my book and started writing the notes it was really fun during the whole lesson because the teacher was explaining and making jokes so I understood soon the bell rang and we went for break after we came back to class it was English the Lesson went on smoothly after that we went for lunch and gathered for un assembly then I was notified that we were going to have exams the next day just why why luck was never on my side after the assembly we went straight to class for Science Lesson