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What is Chess Of Mystery

Chess Of Mystery is a popular web novel written by the author M_W, covering ACADEMY, ACTION, COMEDY, MODERN, ROMANCE, MALE PROTAGONIST, MYSTERY, THRILLING, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 188.3K readers with an average rating of 4.5/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Red is the top 1 graduate of MS Academy for Detectives. In his first mission to look for members in his Detective Squad. He was unexpectedly caught on a game of life and death called the Chess Of Mystery. Will Red survive and solve the game? Or will he find himself already part of the game from the very start of it? -------------------------------------------------- Release Rate: 2 chapters a day, 6:00am and 6:00pm (GMT+08:00) Top 50 - 1 more chapter Top 25 - 2 more chapter Top 10 - 3 more chapter Top 5 - 4 more chapter Top 3 - 5 more chapter Top 2 - 6 more chapter Top 1- 7 more chapter


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Hi Everyone! This is my first time writing a story so please forgive me if ever you found any wrong grammars and stuffs. Don't worry I will edit those when i finish this volume. I hope you give this novel a chance to be part of your library! A little Introduction about this novel Setting: The setting of the novel is called Country P. Actually, this country doesn't exist and I'm just making it up. Not just the country, but all of the places in the novel. b Characters: The Main Character on the story is called Red. Red is a Jack of all Trades on solving mysteries and his also the top student of MS Academy for Detectives. His character in the early chapters is kinda bit silent. The reason for that is because I'm giving the spotlight on the other characters first. Next, let's have Leo. Leo is a Manipulator and also the most miserable of all the characters. He keeps on acting arrogant in front of the gang, but every time he does it backfires on him. Next, James. James is a Casanova type of character. His best friend is Leo, they like to fool around, specially if its related to money (This will be show in the future chapters). Next, Marvin. Marvin is a Assassin. His the silent type character, and he doesn't like to talk and every he does, it will be direct or straight to the point. Although his like that, his actually the most honest and trustful member of the gang. Next, Vladimir. Vladimir is a DramaQueen. If you ever wonder why queen instead of King? you will know it by reading the story, why DramaQueen instead of DramaKing. Vladimir always act in his every actions, maybe you'll also believe and thought that what he showed is the true him. Lastly. Vanessa. Vanessa is a Hacker. She acts like the most perfect girlfriend every boy wants to have, but give her a computer and you will see a totally different type of her. Also, she's obsess with Red, so you better not hope that those boys in the gang will have a chance with her, because she's only thinking of Red. There are still 3 more characters whom are part of Red's Detective squad. I wont be introducing them yet, because they haven't appeared yet. Keep reading and you will know who this characters are and the way they act and talent. (I will be editing my post every time so you better be active so that you will know more about the story) Thank you for reading and I hope you like it!


I hope the author can release more chapters. I really hate the cliffhanger of the novel, it gets me so thrilled but at the same time disappointed. It makes me thrill to keep on guessing what will happend next, but I will be disappointed because I need to wait 2 days to know it. The novel is good and also interesting, I hope it won't become boring in the near future.


So far so good, though, there's a lot of typos hahahaha. Keep improving Author, and please increase your release chapters, I really love reading mystery!


This Novel is About Mysteries Supporting The Author Cause I Love Mysteries I Hope This Novel Won't Become Boring In The Future And Has Lots Of New Things Introduce To Us Readers


The novels quality is good though there's a lot of typos. The story development is also good but its update is really slow, 6 chapters a week is really small, please add more chapters a week author. I like how the author describe it's characters, super awesome!!


I just found this novel a while ago. First, I was really curious with the pic, why chess? But when I read it, it was actually cool and awesome! I hope to read more chapters!


The story is good, fun and interesting. But, there are a lot of typos, wrong grammar and wrong usage of words. I hope author can fix that! Also, I hope author can increase the release rate of the novel. I really like to read more of it! I hope this can help you improve your writing!


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I've just read the novel, and I think its quite good. The author really knows how to introduce each character, and it's really interesting to read it. Especially when it's about James and Leo, this dou are really pitiful because they keep being harass by the author 😂😂😂....




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Yes A Mystery AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING---------------------------.....................................................


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