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Checked out Rebellion of youngest, book continued there


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Guys thank you for your support, Rebellion of the youngest it is the edited version of Upgrade Plugin. Rebellion of the Youngest. August, 249 A.M.A Hello, My Name is Pallavi Eshwar, 53 yrs old, I am a full time Web Writer and mother of 3 children. My Eldest's name is Jai Eshwar, 22 yrs old, is serving his 10 yrs mandatory military service. Urvi Eshwar is my Middle child, 19yrs old, she is a second year student in Mortal medicine and alchemy university. My youngest and my only concern Hari Eshwar, 17 yrs old, is a Senior student in Wodeyar High school of Wizardry and knighthood. Youngest used to be polite, well mannered child. who would respect his elders and teachers while staying away from bad influence, a typical Good boy. But today I received a call from Youngest's Homeroom teacher, she asked why Youngest did not come to school yesterday and today ? I was thunderstruck, I did not know how to answer the teacher because Youngest left the home early both the days in his high school uniform. so, I thought he would be going straight to school. My concern didn't stop there after the call I went to buy some groceries in a nearby store I meet a neighbor who claims to have seen Youngest Harassing a girl on the street day before yesterday night. Then when I was cooking lunch for myself, my husband called home angrily saying that one of his colleague saw Youngest in one of the Casinos of Red light Area. At evening when my Daughter came home she complained about Youngest, that he has been harassing one of her girlfriends. What happened to my sweet little boy? why is he doing this? Has Youngest started to rebel, I guess teenager's do that at this age but still.. Finally, I decided to take action by confronting Youngest today at dinner. ................ A.M.A : ' Anno Monster Apocalypse ' meaning 'In the Years of Monster Apocalypse.'