6 Chapter 6

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As an experiment, Ryuuki used a knife that was sold in the market, this ordinary kitchen knife was nothing special at all just sharp.

Ryuuki put down the knife, and put his hand towards the knife and started tracing, Tracing is very different from normal Projection in the fact that it reproduces not only the form and substance of an object, but also its entire history. Objects created by tracing are slightly inferior to the original due to the fact that only so much information can be gathered by sight alone.

This is an extraordinary magic, just looking at an object, can do until you see the history of the object. Ryuuki's hands began to form green lines, just like Emiya Shirou while practicing.

The history of the kitchen knife began to enter Ryuuki's head from the manufacturing process to packaging.

"This… is amazing!"(Ryuuki)

After completing the tracing, Ryuuki immediately tried to go to Houtengeki but stopped.

'Wait, is my brain strong for this Tracing Houtengeki?, So different from the knife just now' (Ryuuki)

But if I don't try I won't know, but for safety's sake.' (Ryuuki)

Ryuuki made Bunshin and told him to be alert, if anything happened to him. Bunshin will immediately treat Ryuuki.

And start Ryuuki Tracing Houtengeki.<

Tracking" (Ryuuki)

Ryuuki's consciousness was immediately drawn to the desert plains, and Ryuuki strangely saw traces of Lu-Bu's fight where he fought epically, after that it was as if Lu-Bu glanced at Ryuuki, Of course Ryuuki was very surprised because this was just a projection but somehow Lu -Mom did see Ryuuki and for a moment Ryuuki was pulled back into place.

"Haah-Haaah" (Ryuuki)

Ryuuki sighed heavily and his Bunshin offered a drink, after drinking a glass of water Ryuuki started thinking about the incident.

'It's obvious that Lu-bu is looking at me right now' (Ryuuki)

'That's right'

A different voice appeared in Ryuuki's head and Ryuuki instantly became alert.

"Who!" (Ryuuki)

When Ryuuki looked around where the sound was coming from and white smoke started to form over Houtengeki and formed a man in ancient Chinese armor with a headgear with a tail, but the only problem was that only his body was visible, and his legs were shaped. like white smoke,

"You!" (Ryuuki)

"That's right I am Lu Bu Fengxian!" (Lu-bu)

"You can call me Lu-bu" (Lu-bu)

"Ehhhhh!" (Ryuuki)

Ryuuki was very, very surprised, how could Shiro Emiya only be able to see the history of objects instead of attracting his spirit and here Ryuuki immediately thought that this incident was absurd.

'What happened, how is that possible!'(Ryuuki)

And suddenly Ryuuki realized something, when he first held Houtengeki and a chill ran along his hand.

Looking back at Lu-bu,

"Nee, are you a spirit or something?"(Ryuuki)

"No, I'm like the memories left in this weapon. When you do that to this weapon, I appear"(Lu-Bu)

It turns out that Lu-bu is not a spirit creature but a memory that is attracted when Ryuuki uses his Tracing, maybe this event is abnormal.

'Then this is good, I can ask him to teach me'(Ryuuki)

"Lu bu-san. Can Lu bu-san teach me how to use this Houtengeki ?"(Ryuuki)

"Hmm, well I also somehow feel that I should teach you"(Lu-bu)

'Hmm!?, has the god still not abandoned me'(Ryuuki)

Lucky for Ryuuki that he didn't seduce Lu-bu first to teach him even Lu-bu himself was willing at first.


Another month has passed now Ryuuki is tired of using Houtengeki like Lu-bu taught him all his Techniques have been passed down to Ryuuki and also yesterday Lu-bu said goodbye because he had fulfilled his duty.

At the beginning of the training it was very hard for Ryuuki who still had the body of a child, Ryuuki was sometimes ordered to lift rocks that exceeded his body, it didn't matter to Ryuuki, but the problem was he couldn't use magic and had to use only physical strength, as a result Ryuuki grew up not like a normal child where the age is still 6 years old even look of a 9-year-old child. When asked by Ryuuki's parents, and Ryuuki reluctantly uses magic to trick his parents but not with Tobio when he sees Ryuuki who is growing very fast Tobio is also very surprised but Ryuuki could dodge by means of his extraordinary growth, with such an explanation Tobio quickly forgot about it.

By the way Ryuuki will also have a sister because his mother was found to be 3 months pregnant. And Ryuuki is also not lazy while he will have a sister so Ryuuki needs extra strength, during training Ryuuki also had time to make an artificial heart with dragon genes from Yu-Long scales. Hopes that the heart turns into a dragon's heart so that it can manifest into his body.

Even though the presentation was only 5% successful, for some reason or Ryuuki's luck the heart op managed to become a Dragon Heart. But when Ryuuki wanted to use it he thought first.

'If I change the heart, then my heart that I gave the magic circle to will disappear and I will start over again.'(Ryuuki)

'while there is also the possibility that I will turn into a dragon, but'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki looked for a long time at the tube containing the heart, why did Ryuuki make the heart because previously Ryuuki also studied alchemists like in the anime also called Full Metal Alchemist, and managed to make the artificial heart a very useful skill.

"It's for the sake of my family and myself too if I don't become strong I'll be trampled on,'(Ryuuki)

After that Ryuuki decided to install the heart into his own body. The process was quite long and Ryuuki also installed safety in case of an accident.

For more than 7 hours Ryuuki has been constraining, it can be seen from his body covered in sweat and after Ryuuki installed the dragon heart, a strange change began to occur in Ryuuki.


Ryuuki's body was like being molded where his skin was constantly being torn apart from the inside and Ryuuki was going through hell for half an hour.

"Haah-Haah, I thought it would turn out like this"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki headed to the pool and saw his new self, where his small body had grown a little bigger and Ryuuki's hair reached his waist and was dark blue and there were horns sticking out of his head.

And his magic power and chakra increased greatly.


Realizing Chakra is included, but what Ryuuki is confused about is that even though the dragon's heart did not enter chakra and instead its chakra output increased sharply when Ryuuki had turned into a dragon.

"Haah, well what's important is that I'm not a full dragon still in half dragon."(Ryuuki)

Zegion saw his master was overjoyed because he was so scared because his master screamed in pain for half an hour before as the body turned back into a dragon.

"Master, is it okay?" (Zegion)

"It's fine, Zegion I'm fine now" (Ryuuki)

Zegion gradually started to speak human language starting from Bunshin Ryuuki trained Zegion because before Zegion spoke like an insect in general, It's unclear.

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