5 Chapter 5

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"Son, what has happened? How?"(Yu-Long)

"I don't know for sure, but it has something to do with the magic circle I gave you" (Ryuuki)

"What do you mean b y the magic circle you put on your heart?"(Wukong)

"Yeah, it wasn't a problem at first but after experiencing Metamorphosis, Zegion's Core turns into something different." (Ryuuki)

After explaining in more detail to Yu-Long and Sun Wukong they finally came to an agreement. In short, Zegion underwent an Evolution that allowed him to take on a humanoid form, and his magic power increased greatly.

'Mah, I was really surprised at first but after I think back, Zegion was originally just an insect I found around this pond. A normal Rhinoceros Beetle species… because I need to test the magic circle before I attach it to my heart, because of the experimental subject I was thinking of. is a Monkey whose genes are closer to humans and its body structure is similar but because I was in a hurry I used the Beetle which ended up becoming Zegion'(Ryuuki)

"But, what about you. Son?"(Yu-Long)

The Chinese dragon was curious about what happened to Ryuuki's body, because Ryuuki also used the same magic formula as Ryuuki installed in Zegion.

"I? ,No I didn't experience anything. There might be a difference between the Living Species that is the problem. Zegion was originally an Insect I found not far from here. The difference between an insect and a human is vastly different"(Ryuuki)

"I see, I see son… hearing your story made my long frozen spirit hot again."(Yu-Long)

The Chinese dragon did something, shook its body and the scales on its body fell off.

"Son, as my thanks, Make the best use of these Scales"(Yu-Long)

Yu-long's scales had about 25 scales in front of Ryuuki. Not to be outdone, Sun Wukong also gave him a spear.

"Son, this is a gift from me too, because it has attracted my request."(Wukong)

Ryuuki is an abnormal chnin, Ryuuki in his previous life studied all things historical because of his love for the anime he watched, of course he knew the spear had a very deep historical value.

"This spear belongs to, the one who was nicknamed the god of war when the 3 kingdoms stood on the plains of china, Houtengeki and his old master is Lu-Bu" (Wukong)

Looking at the sickle-like Spear, ax and spear, and touching the handle…and felt a chill run along his hand.

'What is this?'(Ryuuki)

"Do I really deserve this?"(Ryuuki)

"Son, that thing is better in your hands because it will rust in my storage, whatever you want to wear, the important thing is that I have penetrated my fault for not keeping your secret properly" (Wukong)

Ryuuki was a little happy because Sun Wukong broke his promise, when Ryuuki asked him but instead Yu-Long told what really happened, it turned out that Yu-Long was the one who seduced Wukong because he after meeting Ryuuki looked very happy like he found new things and this very rare, and because of that Yu-Long seduced Sun-Wukong and finally told Yu-Long that's why the Chinese Dragon became very interested in Humans who had new innovations in the Supernatural world and this was closely related to them, Chakras which were originally like Water a rushing river that flows but is turned into mud in order to produce an effect like magic energy.

After giving the gift and Sun-Wukong and Yu-Long went home before Ryuuki asked their opinion about the new barrier he made, and the answer This barrier was something extraordinary, because previously they were a little lost while passing through the fog because of level 2 power. The creature was on a different level so they immediately noticed and managed to find me on the second try meant that their first one had failed.

"But, I want to wear these things like?"(Ryuuki)

'I want to learn to use this weapon, but I don't know who to study with'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki was confused about what he wanted to do with Houtengeki, while Yu-Long's scales, Ryuuki already had an idea because the scales were from the Great Dragon class Dragon Ryuuki intended to create a new circle in his heart by making an artificial heart. How did Ryuuki do that, first Ryuuki First of all extracting the Scales because Ryuuki needed the Dragon King Gene in the Scales, about the equipment Ryuuki made himself because he was an extraordinary Genius even made complex equipment from scraps.

'Ah, by the way can I use the magic used by Emiya Shirou from Fate/Night?'(Ryuuki)

Tracing is a Magecraf technique that Shirou Emiya possesses, only Tracing Shirou can copy everything regarding the creation and existence of objects. This is something extraordinary because thanks to this Technique Shirou was able to reach the Unlimited Blade Works Marble Reality Stage.

Ryuuki thought to follow Shiro's steps, where he did the Experiment first, Ryuuki since his negligence at that time became very careful.

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