48 Chapter 48

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Now there is a fight between the Baraqiel and Satanael classes, and it is really one-sided.

While Ryuuki is in Baraqiel's class, Ryuuki also acts as a substitute teacher when Baraqiel has an urgent task from Azazel.

And during Ryuuki's teaching, he opened up a new view of the world where there are some Theories of the original world not mentioned in Dxd.

'Well, even though this world is very similar to the world I came from back then but strangely some modern era Theories of Science haven't been discovered yet'(Ryuuki)

'This is why they don't use every kind of energy this world has to the best of their ability. Even the few breakthroughs from Science itself that enter the wizarding world are still very few'(Ryuuki)

So Ryuuki taught it all to them, with his perfect memory that could remember the techniques from manga or anime from his original world he could adapt to this world by teaching them.

Back to the scene.




Tobio again hit the enemy making him faint, and some of his friends also did the same thing only made the enemy faint, and they did not suffer losses.

But there are also some enemies that are difficult to beat, for example a man who has a Sacred Gear that can blind his enemy's eyes. Currently, he is dealing with Sae who both uses fire affinity.

Sae: Fire Magic: Fire Wall!


A wall of fire formed to ward off the magic attacks of the several Men.


The man prepares to make another statue to attack Sae's eyes when the wall of fire disappears, the man is surprised that Sae is not found.

"Where's the Bitch!"

"Who's calling Bitch!"

The voice came from above. The man turned out to be Sae who jumped from a tree branch.


Hit the man's head with his magic wand.


Sae continued to push his strength so that the man's head was buried in the ground.



Sae mocked the poor man before turning back to his friends, while his friends immediately thought the same.

'Ah, don't upset Sae'

But Ryuuki thought differently where he was in awe of Sae.

'She just used reinforcing magic!'(Ryuuki)

Buff magic itself is not easy to learn because Ryuuki's Buff magic can't buff someone but only yourself to this magic requires stamina training because otherwise the user will be hit by a counter from this magic, for example if someone strengthens his body many times and not physically good, then after using this magic the person will be torn apart from the inside.

And Ryuuki suddenly felt something from a different direction.


Ryuuki immediately rushed after the origin of the energy wave and Tobio and the others were confused and asked.

"Hey Ryuuki-san!"(Tobio)

Ryuuki answered while running.

"Lavinia!, I have a bad feeling about her"(Ryuuki)

Tobio, Sae, Natsume were shocked and Nanadaru with Poh-kun in his arms was confused but still following them.

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