39 Chapter 39

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Due to Shigune's notification, the group quickly returned to the car including the new passenger, Shigune.

Then Baraqiel went straight to the direction Shigune pointed, namely a village.

'Hmm, it's strange like there's no one in these houses'(Ryuuki)

Seeing the houses that seemed to be empty, as well as Ryuuki having suspicions, not only Ryuuki, everyone also agreed.

Then the car stopped and Baraqiel instructed Vali and Ryuuki.

"Vali, Ryuuki you two can you look around?"(Baraqiel)

Ryuuki immediately descended in contrast to Vali who seemed to be languidly descending because it seemed boring.

Lavinia cheered Vali and Ryuuki who then flew, Vali flew with his metallic wings while Ryuuki with wind magic to fly.

Ryuuki: Ki Art: Sense !

This technique uses a scattered flow of Ki allowing Ryuuki to feel life from a maximum distance of a range that Ryuuki can reach 15 Kilometers.

"Hmm, they all fell asleep but"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki felt something strange while inspecting the house where traces of magic were still felt.

"They were put to sleep"(Ryuuki)

Just as Ryuuki was about to check further but the sound of screams coming from his group was heard.


Ryuuki immediately went straight to the sound and found Natsume and Sae hugging Tobio who was struggling while a raccoon passed in front of them.

"What are you guys doing"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki stared blankly at those who came to his senses, Natsume let out a groan while Sae was still hugging Tobio's left arm.

"Errr, it's fine!"(Natsume)

Natsume who panicked wanted to explain but was ignored by Ryuuki who immediately gave his report to Baraqiel.

"Baraqiel-sensei, I got something" (Ryuuki)

Natsume was a little annoyed at being ignored and Samejima, who wanted to laugh, was caught by Natsume who then immediately stepped on the poor teenager's feet.

"The people inside their house are safe, but what makes them suspicious is that they fell asleep due to the effects of someone's magic" (Ryuuki)

Then Vali came back and gave the same report.

Hearing this information, Barakiel put his hand to his chin and pondered.

"It will be very dangerous if the situation gets out of control"(Ryuuki)

"Yeah, in the worst case the whole village could be wiped out" (Vali)

Hearing this made Tobio's group turn pale as Shigune gripped the hem of her skirt tightly.

Seeing this Ryuuki came and immediately used mental calming magic whose effect gave a warm feeling.

"Are you alright?"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki who was holding the girl's hand shamelessly and had the most beautiful smile he made.

"Err, mm… I'm fine…thank you"(Shigune)

The girl answered shyly, and her face turned red because Shigune saw Ryuuki was a very handsome man.


Suddenly Lavinia was in the middle giving a deadly smile.

"Ryu-kun, can you let go of her hand"(Lavinia)

Ryuuki quickly let go of Shigune's hand and nervously answered.

"Lavi, wait a minute I just cast mental magic on him because I see he seems to be bothered by this!"(Ryuuki)

Lavinia smiled who still had a dark aura but just as she was about to answer suddenly an uncomfortable chill hit them.

"It's Satanael's aura!"(Vali)

Barakiel's expression became complicated.

'Being a Cadre class, this aura is very strong… will I be able to face this person when my condition is so restricted'(Ryuuki)

"For this person let me go, Nanadaru Shigune"(Baraqiel)


"Take them to Koga Hyousuke's place, they will definitely help"(Baraqiel)

A request from an unusually hard-faced man deep in acute Makosis, but Shigune, while tightly embracing her Sacred Gear, nodded.

"But be careful when using your Sacred Gear, what I see it is the most powerful among the Four 'Toutetsu' demons for an Independent Avatar-type Sacred Gear the power of that tool can damage an entire area"(Baraqiel)

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