38 Chapter 38

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Since all the enemies were annihilated, Zegion now plunged his Spear into the ground while looking up at the purple sky.

right Azazel threw Zegion into the underworld forest where many magical beasts roamed freely.

"It's about time for my return, Ryuuki-sama"(Zegion)


Returning to Ryuuki who was now in the car heading to the informed place,


"What's wrong, Ryuuki-san" (Natsume)

Natsume asked and Ryuuki averted his gaze for a bit before looking back out the car window.

"No, I feel something big is going to happen" (Ryuuki)


Natsume didn't understand what Ryuuki meant just shrugged his shoulders and came back again.

The car headed like a ditch where it crossed a valley and a few houses passed… and also the deeper they went in the path became narrower to pass.

After a while, Sae suddenly shouted.


Because of the shout, Baraqiel was forced to stop suddenly causing the man sitting behind him to be pushed forward and Samejima to come forward and ask.


"Someone!, in front there is someone!"(Natsume)

The one who answered Samejima's question was Natsume while pointing ahead where there was someone.

'Hmm, why did the atmosphere turn into horror like this!?'(Ryuuki)

Then the men came down with flashlights because they had a long journey, and it was already night.

"Who's there!"(Baraqiel)

Because the distance between them was a bit far made Baraqiel's tone slightly high and the light from the flashlight showed someone showing the features of a girl.

She is blonde (part of her long hair has been braided) with darkly colored features which suggest she is a foreigner.

For former high school people Ryoukou was very familiar with those traits.

With a beautiful look, she is Nanadaru Shigune. Said to have been the most beautiful girl in Ryoukou High School, she is a biracial girl who is part of Japan and part of the West.

Shigune was still wearing Ryoukou High School uniform and with pitiful eyes asked for help.

"PLEASE HELP!"(Shigune)

With screaming, her dirty face and gasping for breath, it was only natural that the girl had just run from such a scary thing to survive.


Shigune is now being pacified by Sae and Natsume for having experienced something scary for him.

"Strange, something happened here"(Ryuuki)

Then Ryuuki noticed the relief from Shigune.


Sae and Natsume watched Shigune before backing away taking something out of the object in her hand. The Sacred Gear, one of the Four Devils, known as Toutetsu.

With independent Sacred Tooth type avatars, while there were people like Natsume the falcon and Samejima the cat who manifested as ordinary beings, there were also people whose manifestations were distinctive just from their appearance.

Then the Being attacks Sae and Natsume.


But when the creature wanted to reach Sae and Natsume a barrier was formed making the creature seem to hit an iron wall.

Sae: Mana Barrier!

Sae smiled slightly.

"I am not weak now!"(Sae)

The creature got angrier and continued to attack the barrier, but of course, Baraqiel who saw this immediately used his lightning to attack along with Vali and Ryuuki who used projectile magic to weaken the creature.


The front of the car-to-road was left only slightly dark apart from the headlights, which was which Jin's black dog directed his threat to. His jet black fur was hard and he bared his fangs.

Seeing that, Tobio and the others took a defensive posture.

Natsume let out a "Chih chih chih" sound from his mouth, and with a flapping sound, the Griffon descended from out of the darkness. From there it perched on his shoulder.

As Samejima also prepared himself, Byakusa moved from his shoulder to his arm.

Unknowingly, the sound of a dead insect.

Little by little their skin began to crawl from bloodlust and hostility.


In the midst of his master's call, the resulting Jin distorted the sword from the shadows at his feet and prepared to use his mouth.

That was when all the members had finished their battle preparations.

A strange dry voice with a steady rhythm like 'ku ku ku' sounded from in front of them.

What appeared in the area lit by the lights—it was a magnificent, one-legged, fifty centimeter stone statue. With small wings growing from its back and a single horn on its head, its appearance was one of something odd.

'That's something that was reported!, One of the Sacred Gears of Team Abssy!'(Ryuuki)

Barakiel stiffened and shouted like a stone statue that suddenly moved as if it was shivering violently.

"Close your eyes!"(Baraqiel)

As Barakiel instructed, everyone covered their eyes, and even more completely covered their eyes with their hands!

Unlike Ryuuki who made the barrier absorb light, so light couldn't hit them.

In an instant, the area was completely filled with dazzling intense light.

When the light stopped, Tobio and the others timidly opened their eyes. Incredibly the stone statue that had been lit by the lamp had disappeared.

"Tch, an interesting trick you have there"

The person chuckled and watched Ryuuki carefully.

Barakiel spoke with a bittey expression.

"Really, so they sent the one out first huh. That--is a Sacred Gear."(Baraqiel)

Vali takes from there.

"It's also written in those files right? --Cursed Statue of Radiance LostBrain Shine Statue. As for the traits, if one instantly accepts that the light is released, it gradually steals their eyesight. Depending on the state of one's eyes it will become completely unable to see anything." (Vali)

It was a scary thing the young man said, but his expression was composed.

Barakiel then answered.

"This should have been explained in the material as well. The Abyss Team is made up of members with those kinds of abilities."

Indeed, Abyss Team members' abilities—they were Sacred Tooth that dealt damage their opponents couldn't recover from.

If they had been hit by an attack like now, they wouldn't have had their sight stolen, or perhaps lost their hearing. Characteristics that impose severe mental pollution with serious side effects, or otherwise exploited insects that will parasitically feed on the opponent's body gradually from within.

Murder, torture, Abyss The team was formed from a group of completely inhumane people who owned it.

It had been explained to Tobio and the others that, if one person were to fight them upfrontly, his mind and body would suffer severe damage to some sort.

The current statue was a Sacred gear which, when opened to its eyes, would release a light that would rob people of their sight.

"Team that kills at first sight, we had a bad day it seems" (Natsume)

While looking around him, Natsume muttered more.

Then Barakiel, Vali, and Ryuuki directed their gazes towards one point. Others matched their gazes.

From the soundless darkness of the road, laughter could be heard.

"Pupupu, upuppupu."

As for the one who appeared while letting out as if not laughing, it was a slender man. He was wearing something similar to the 'Nephilim' uniforms worn by Tobio and the others.

The man wore sunglasses, had a crooked mouth, and wore an ugly smile on his face. At his feet was a magnificent stone statue. His closed eyes once again.

"I was hoping to blind your eyes quickly. But it looks like Azazel found another interesting piece there."

'Pawn?, looks like he misunderstood something'(Ryuuki)

As the man spoke, he had the eyes of the stone statue at his feet open -.

Tobio and the others don't allow silent attacks, and Tobio, Natsume, and Samejima all move quickly.


"Do it!"(Natsume)


Jin is charged at high speed with the sword held in his mouth, the Griffon takes it into the air, and Byakusa points a long tail shot towards the opponent.

It was three simultaneous attacks, but even amidst the disgusting humans the smiles didn't stop.

Shigune shouted.

"That statue! There are two of them!"(Shigune)

Hearing that exclamation, Vali immediately took a quick look behind them and shot a silver aura from his hand!

There was another stone statue, but Tobio and the others' backs were covered.

"Lavinia!, Ryuuki!"(Baraqiel)

Then Ryuuki and Lavinia expanded their magic so that it reached the person.

Ryuuki: Erath Magic: Stone Bullet!

Lavinia: Ice Magic: Ice Bullet!

But their attacks meant nothing, making the man just wave his hand as if it were dust.

Simultaneously was taken from Jin's sword and Byakusa's tail which was enough to break the stone statue in front of them, but the stone statue behind them was destroyed with a single attack from Vali.

The griffon's high speed diving attack was tightly dodged by the humans.

Towards that person, Barakiel spoke while generating a small scale electrical phenomenon.

"To go so far as to take even me, you such a fool?" (Baraqiel)

The man, who seemed to know that Barakiel was a Cadre of the Grigori, while narrowing his eyes and showing a smile, calmly disappeared into the darkness.


The sound of insects continued. No more killing intent was released, and the monster had disappeared along with the man.

Tobio wiped the sweat that had accumulated on his chin with his hand.

With the battle having ended, all the members took a deep breath. Shigune then spoke to everyone as if having just remembered.

"Koga-kun! Everyone, Koga-kun!! He's fighting in that village over there!"(Shigune)

Shigune's expression was urgent like she was pointing towards the village.

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