34 Chapter 34

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This thing that Ryuuki didn't realize caused Ryuuki to be curious about his ancestors, what made his ancestors involved in the supernatural and why his own Clan was almost extinct in modern times. Due to the current genealogy of the Ryuuki Family, Oda, only his father Ryuuki's grandfather had also died long ago.

'So there are some magical items in that old warehouse. Hmm, once I've picked up the Boosted Gear, I'll check it out.'(Ryuuki)

"I know Seiryuu, but that's in the past and their ancestors had that power when they came to power in those days, now their descendants can't even possess a single magical technique because that was their ancestor's wish. That's why I lied about the Oda Clan back then. Has no supernatural track record at all due to the wishes of his own ancestors" (Suzaku)

'But, know where he came from!? I who descended from that person myself don't even know'(Ryuuki)

"How do you know?"(Seiryuu)

Ryuuki agreed with Seiryuu.

"Grandfather himself told it"(Suzaku)

Samejima and Lavinia who heard the story from Seiryuu were also amazed that Ryuuki was not only great at everything but also had a famous lineage.

'So, my Ancestor used to clash with the 5 main Clans and lost?'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki was now even more curious about the traces of his ancestor that he didn't know about, After answering the man's question Suzaku then turned to Ryuuki and bowed a bow.

"I'm sorry about this"(Suzaku)

"Err, no problem"(Ryuuki)

Then begins the meeting between the heirs of the Himejima Clan and the Grigori.


Currently, Tobio's group, Ryuuki, Lavinia, Vali and Baraqiel are facing off against Suzaku Himejima and Seiryuu Kushihashi in a traditional Japanese-style room.

"First, before we start discussing the 'Utsusemi Agency', the recklessness of the blunders of the 5 Clans, after everyone was involved in that, I would like to officially apologize" (Suzaku)

Suzaku and Seiryuu bowed their heads declaring they truly apologized to Tobio's group earlier.

But it seems Samejima can't forget the embarrassing thing he just experienced and glares at Seiryuu which he replies with an expression.

"That doesn't matter, after all we seem to be after the same group of people." (Baraqiel)

"Mm, what remains of the 'Four demons'"(Suzaku)

'Witch of Oz'

"Yes, we've heard that two former Ryoukou High School elementary schools are taking refuge in the mountains near a certain border prefecture, where the remnants and people of Oz are in the process of tracking them down. Based on information from our own spies that have been deployed at the location, it has been verified that there has been a battle between them." (Baraqiel)

'So some of Utusemi's victims managed to get them'(Ryuuki)

It was true that the last time Ryuuki had fainted, he had received reports of several students disappearing during the evacuation. It turned out that the group was separated due to their compatibility with the 'four demons' besides Sae.


Then the former students of Ryoukou High elementary school namely Tobio Group immediately looked for answers as they looked at Baraqiel with a questioning face.

"This possibility has something to do with the traitor Grigori, Satanael and his class called 'Team Abyss' who has the Evil Sacred Gear in his group"(Baraqiel)

Then Natsume was very talkative.

"Baraqiel-sensei, sorry before but we first heard of them in the Nephilim?" (Natsume)

"... That's something that Azazel told me to discuss with you guys after I observed the timing should be right. I apologize. He said, the Cadre who betrayed us-Sataniel, when he left the Grigori he took a certain power with him. --Nephilim Abyss, also known as Abyss Team. They are... students of Sataniel, and above all, they consist of possessors of evil holy teeth. To the human world they are nothing but dangerous abilities with potential to have a negative influence. For that reason, they have been placed under the protection of our Grigori."(Baraqiel)

Tobio, who could also be considered an evil owner, couldn't help but feel uneasy about this.

"By all rights, I have heard that the disposal of the user's ability is a problem of course. Then why isn't this done? From ancient times, records of the Grigori doing this have been passed down and haven't…."(Suzaku)

Barakiel wore a troubled expression and didn't say anything at all in response.

"The only answer I can give is that we are not monolithic either." (Baraqiel)

'For people who have eternal life, it must have a definite goal so as not to live a long but futile life'(Ryuuki)

Fallen Angels or people who have eternal life in their hands let alone live in a group, every leader has their own way of life and their beliefs.

"That is quite a convenient statement."(Seiryuu)


Suzaku uttered a rebuke.

"Alright, alright."(Seiryuu)

Seiryuu shrugged.

Returning to the topic of conversation, Suzaku continued.

"In the event that they are contacted by remnant Agents and mages, they are a boy and a girl possessing the remnants of the Four Devils, TāotièToutetsu and HúndùnKonton. I imagine that you also know from the individuals involved."(Suzaku)

In response to Suzaku's statement.

"Nanadaru Shigune and Koga Hyousuke--really?"(Baraqiel)

The names of these two had been known to Tobio and the others even when they had attended the same school. Both of them have been famous students.

'Nanadaru?, if I'm not mistaken that's the name of a popular girl at Tobio's school'(Ryuuki)

Previously, Tobio's group had told him about their school life before coming to the nephilim.

Then for the last one, there is Koga.

"Koga huh. That would definitely be troublesome."(Samejima)

Samejima said with a sigh.

'Looks like that person has a personal problem with Koga'(Ryuuki)

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