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Pulling the scythe that made Tobio lose his balance, when Tobio was in an unstable position Ryuuki hit Tobio's stomach causing him a lot of pain.



And made the man retreat a few steps holding his stomach. Jin saw his master in pain attack Ryuuki by making a black sword from behind the shadows.

"I can also make something similar!"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki backed away to dodge the attack, but waves of the black sword kept popping up as if chasing Ryuuki.

Ryuuki: Earth Magic: Rock Fang!

Rock Fang is an earth magic that makes sharp thorns from the ground, the magic balances Jin's attack where the trajectory of the attack consists of earth thorns and hundreds of black swords.

But when Ryuuki was a little relieved that the black sword attack stopped Samejima appeared and attacked Ryuuki but also Ryuuki ducked his head to avoid knowing Samejima's whereabouts thanks to Ki.

Ryuuki:Ki Art:Sense!

The Ki technique allows Ryuuki to track the whereabouts of a person within a radius of 10 KM. Why 10 KM is because Ryuuki is still new to the technique and has not developed it further.

Samejima didn't stop there and attacked Ryuuki again, again and again. Ryuuki didn't want to avoid constantly deciding to attack Samejima and there was a Hand to Hand Combat between Samejima and Ryuuki, unfortunately the fight was dominated by Ryuuki making Samejima almost unconscious but with the last attack from Ryuuki made Samejima unconscious with a bruised face and a body full of wounds.

Sae and Natsume who saw Tobio immediately used Balance Breaker where Jin and Tobio were surrounded by a black aura. They decided to give Tobio time to complete the spell reading.

Tobio while training in 'Nephilim' had already maintained his Balance Breaker with himself not losing control… but had a time limit of no more than 1 minute.

Natsume decided to attack at close range with his Griffin, and Sae cast her strongest Spell that she had learned these months.

Ryuuki dodged Griffin's attack, the bird attacked while swooping down quickly but Ryuuki could dodge it.

But Ryuuki was also still slightly hit by the attack which made a wound on his shoulder. Natsume also attacked Ryuuki with a dagger, attacks from two directions made Ryuuki a little difficult what more Ryuuki wanted to avoid using excessive mana because it could have an effect on his heart which made his Dragon Heart react again.

Those few attacks made Ryuuki understand Natsume's attack pattern, and Ryuuki who understood immediately counterattacked, as the Bird swooped down on Ryuuki swiftly jumping and precisely stepped on the bird until it fell like a rock. With Natsume attacking Ryuuki, but the man caught Natsume's arm and made several moves where Ryuuki stepped in and picked up Natsume like an object and threw him hard.

Sae who finished reading the spell immediately attacked Ryuuki.

Sae: Fire Magic: Blaze Arrow!

The fire arrow is not an ordinary fire, the Blaze Arrow has an extremely hot temperature and also if it is hit by the arrow the person will be affected by the firestorm effect on his body.

Ryuuki also made up his mind by sending a similar magic as well.

Ryuuki: Ice Magic: Blizzard Arrow!

The projectile attacks when hit together will explode and create a puff of smoke, Sae who was draining her mana was unconscious due to Mana exhaustion.

In the dew smoke, Ryuuki felt something coming quickly.

'Something is coming!"(Ryuuki)

A black shadow pierced the dew smoke and Ryuuki realized it wanted to dodge, but it was too late, causing Ryuuki to bounce backwards, crashing into a wall.


Tobio who is currently in his Balance Breaker.

Tobio: Canis Lykaon Balance Break: Night Celestial Slash Dogs!

The guy got some big improvements in terms of strength and speed, even Tobio could run in the shadows if Ryuuki didn't have any Techniques or Tracking Magic maybe Tobio couldn't be found.

Ryuuki came out of the cracked wall and watched Tobio for a moment.

'This is a bit dire too,'

To keep up with Tobio in his Balance Breaker Ryuuki decided to create two swords that the Fate series' twins are most familiar with.

Kanshou and Byakuya, even though the item constricts the C+ rating it's enough to suck Ryuuki's mana by a quarter. Because Ryuuki currently wants to limit his excessive mana usage.

When, Ryuuki projected the sword to marry Kanshou and Byakuya, Azazel and Baraqiel looked very interested.

'Is it Sacred Gear Sword Birth or Blade Blacksmith?, but I checked the kid except for the dragon heart he really doesn't have any sacred gear, possibly it's magic? Whatever it is that kid is fascinating'(Azazel)

The sword didn't help much, Ryuuki also used Mana Burst to increase Ryuuki's speed to the extreme.

Tobio also made scythe-like swords in both hands, a calm engulfed the place before the two men disappeared and reappeared with the two swords clashing.

Black and blue flashes kept popping up, Tobio wasn't really proficient with swords, so he just swung it around because he'd only been practicing for A few months but Ryuuki also used subtle but deadly moves that created friction of fire when their swords clanged.

'Uh, I have to hurry before my time runs out'(Tobio)

Tobio used an attack which was the same as the previous genie to confuse Ryuuki's sight.

Tobio :Night Haken!

When a wave of black swords came towards Ryuuki, the man backed away while throwing his sword at Tobio, but Tobio quickly disappeared into the shadows and appeared in front of Ryuuki who was in an off guard position.

Just as Tobio was about to swing his black sword forward, the sword that Ryuuki threw turned like a boomerang hitting Tobio's back.


Tobio who felt the pain because Ryuuki's sword was stuck deep in his back, Ryuuki took the opportunity and poured all his Ki flow into his hand to deal a very heavy blow to Tobio.

"Sorry, but this time I also won"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki's punch hit Tobio's stomach, causing the sword that was attached to Tobio's back to come off immediately. And automatically deactivating his Balance Breaker and making Tobio instantly unconscious.

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