20 Chapter 20

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"…*Haah* finally found…*Haah*"(Tobio)

"…*Pant* Hee, luckily that monster wasn't after me"(Hanezu)

The monster that Hanezu was referring to was probably Ryuuki.

"Give back SAE!"(Tobio)

Hanezu took he wand back and put on an alert position.

"She? Take it yourself!" (Hanezu)

I attacked him by ordering Jin again.

"Slash Jin!"(Tobio)

Jin immediately broke through and left slash marks around him and headed for Hanezu, but Hanezu also even though in an injured position could still overcome Jin.

'It's not working, I have to use that technique one more time!'(Tobio)

Looking for an opening from every attack Hanezu launched and when I found an opening, I immediately used the technique.

Tobio: Night Haken!

A black sword appeared from Hanezu's shadow and injured him severally in his hands and feet.


The attack was successful but somehow my head started to spin, and I fell holding my head.

Hanezu managed to escape the black sword trap and started talking again.

"Disappointingly, that brat was scarier than this" (Hanezu)

I clenched my fists and clenched my teeth because what this person said was true, I was really disappointeng.


A feminine and familiar voice to my ears.


Hanezu glanced at Sae.

"Ooh, the princess has awakened from her slumber" (Hanezu)

I felt tears in my eyes when I saw the already conscious Sae.

"Tobio-kun what happened!?"(Sae)

It's true I can't let Sae come near us.


Sae was confused because he saw me injured and lying on the ground…that's why Sae headed here but just a few steps away from where I was.


Jin stabbed Sae with his sword. I looked at Sae who was looking at me sadly.

"Jin, why!?"(Tobio)

Why did Jin attack him, I didn't order him to attack?

Sae lay limp with his chest pierced by a sword.


I wanted to move, there but my body didn't respond to me.

"Too bad, A Sacred Gear that protects its own Master"(Hanezu)

Hah!? Did Jin protect me but Sae was no longer under that person's influence, is it my fault?

I was in deep despair suddenly my vision darkened before darkness swallowed me I saw Jin who was surrounded by darkness around him.

<Pov end>


'Shit, am I late!'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki felt a very strong and also very dark aura, Ryuuki continued to run and at several turns, Ryuuki finally found Tobio who was already in werewolf mode.

'Balance Breaker?'(Ryuuki)

And Hanezu who became very alert, Tobio quickly appeared from within Hanezu's shadow and hit him making him embedded in the wall.

Ryuuki looked at Sae who was already lying limp with a stabbed chest.

'So some events that I can't completely change'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki took Sae and kept away from the 3rd battle of Tobio and Henezu.

'This is a little bad, She heart is really broken'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki thought further even though Ryuuki had healing magic he believed he could heal Sae, because currently Ryuuki really hasn't reached the Spirit awakening technique, where Ryuuki can really resurrect the dead with magic alone, the technique is a spirit technique high levels not only require a lot of manas but also manage the energy Mana at the same time.

'It's only a temporary treatment, but'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki took out one of the items from his dimensional pocket, a tube with green liquid that had a Heart with a magic circle encircling it.

"This is my old heart, but hopefully it will work"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki took quick action, immediately carried out the operation on the spot, Ryuuki was doing a heart transfusion, because Sae's old heart had suffered severe damage, Ryuuki used his old heart to replace the heart.

"Fortunately fits perfectly!"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki was very happy that his heart and Sae's heart matched, and Ryuuki started chanting some spells that made golden letters fly around Ryuuki and Sae.


Looking back at Hanezu and Tobio's battle where Tobio won the battle, and when he wanted to end Hanezu said his last few words.

"Please destroy the 5 Clans"(Hanezu)

Tobio who lost control mercilessly cut off Hanezu's head.

Hanezu Himejima ended up in Tobio's hands, even at the last moment he still clung to his goal.


Tobio groaned and looked at Ryuuki who was carrying out an Operation, and immediately attacked him but Samejima was already there and blocked him.

"Kouki!, Hold Tobio until I finish doing this!"(Ryuuki)

Samejima understood and immediately punched Tobio in the face.

"Uhh, so loud!"(Samejima)

Samejima rubbed his hands which were red from hitting Tobio's face, as if he was hitting very thick iron.


Watching Samejima fight with Tobio who lost control not standing still, Ryuuki immediately contacted Zegion who should have finished there to head here and while waiting for Zegion to come, Ryuuki made Bunshin to help Samejima.


Tobio roared, and a flame approached him.


Ryuuki: Fire Magic: Blaze Flare Ball!

Ryuuki bunshin supported Samejima, samejima who had seen Ryuuki's technique wasn't surprised because Samejima had trained with Tobio under Bunshin Ryuuki.

Ryuuki's bunshin is strong but also very weak why, Ryuuki's Bunshin will disappear when the Bunshin is hit just once. That's why Ryuuki's bunshin only supports from afar.

'Come on a little more'(Ryuuki)

The operation that Ryuuki did was actually a very long process. Ryuuki just needed a day to install the dragon heart perfectly, but that's because Ryuuki was doing the operation for the first time but because of his experience Ryuuki could speed up the process to 10 minutes at most.


Feeling cornered, Tobio targeted Ryuuki first, and when the sickle blade in Tobio's hand reached Ryuuki, a large hand hit Tobio's head until it bounced.

'I feel Déjà vu'(Ryuuki)

Zegion immediately helped after getting there. Things started to improve. Tobio was also getting tired but still had strength and attacked them until his body couldn't move anymore.


Ryuuki finished closing the surgical scar, and the last step that Ryuuki took,

"The final step"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki's hand appeared a small electric shock to shock Sae's heart... and Ryuuki immediately did an AED.

{AN:AED is a medical device that checks the rhythm of the heartbeat and delivers electric shocks to restore the heart's rhythm.}


Sae's body seemed to be pulled from above.


Sae coughed up blood and opened his eyes, Ryuuki seeing this immediately checked if the Heart was functioning normally.

'Yep, it's working fine'(Ryuuki)

Sae checked his clothes where his school clothes were stained with his own blood, Sae was a little horrified but suddenly realized something.

"That's right, Tobio-kun!"

Sae looked around for Tobio and saw the Werewolf tied with chains where Bunshin Ryuuki, Zegion and Samejima pulled the chains to bind Tobio who was still rebelling.

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