1 Chapter 1

In a playground, a small child screamed.


(Damn, Damn, Damn!. Why did you Reincarnation me in this dangerous world without a none power, God!)

Let's look back for a moment.


In an ordinary room we can see someone focused on his computer. That person's name is Nakamura Ryuu. He is a student who is an Anime maniac (Otaku) but what makes it different is that this person is always curious about what he is watching, so this person is always searching and research in the real world such as whether magic is real, or whether chakras exist. Something like that this person must be looking for the truth including Sci-fi based Anime he did all the research. That's why this person is considered a very intelligent man even this person learns martial arts to prove the truth that this person is watching.

[Balance Breakers!]

"Hmm, so it's the highest activation status form of a Sacred Gear. It's extremely dangerous. Maybe this is the reason the Bible God died in the Dxd world because the one who maintains the System over Sacred Gear rarely can evolve thanks to his death. The Sacred Gear has progressed further even at low levels. Can surpass Longinus depending on how the user uses the tool."(Ryuu)

"Emmm, Haah I wanted to do research like that, but it seems impossible. Something like the Soul cannot be explained by science at this time. Even my past search for the truth about magic ended with me finding a corpse in an old house" (Ryuu)

Ryuu suddenly got goosebumps remembering the events of his childhood, because of his innocence until he found a corpse.

"Oops, I ran out of drink"(Ryuu)

Look at the pile of empty bottles.

"I have to go out first"(Ryuu)

Ryuu took his jacket and went out to see it was getting late, Ryuu is an independent person at the age of 15 this person has separated from his family and is looking for his own money, and is also a very active person in his environment. People around his apartment know Ryuu very well. Although his friends are very comfortable with Ryuu being an Otaku, Ryuu himself is a very good person, intelligent, easy to get along with and very strong.

There was an incident where Ryuu beat up a thug who happened to be a member of a motorcycle gang in the city next door, so all the motorcycle gang members met him who was at school. Ryuu served them alone even though there were more than 50 people from the gang, Ryuu managed to beat them all without being touched. So Ryuu's youth called him the Asura Dragon because of his sky-blue hair and dragon-related name… which he himself didn't know because his friends didn't tell him.

"Thank you"(Cashier Waiter)


'Haah, luckily they still have Dorayaki available. Time to continue watching'(Ryuu)

Ryuu thought about what kind of continuation he would watch at home because he had not finished watching Anime. And when he was about to cross the road because it was still a green light, Ryuu waited for a while before seeing a ball roll down the road and a girl chasing after him.

Seeing this Ryuu's body immediately moved on its own and took the ball halfway and gave it to the girl.


A car horn sounded, because Ryuu was still on the road, the car hit Ryuu hard and made him bounce.

'Uuuuh, am I going to die?....at least the little boy survived...Haah it's really a pity that I haven't watched the anime until the end...while the novel I've already finished....I'm really curious how this crazy project will turn out...'( Ryuuki)

Ryuu kept thinking until the darkness swallowed him up.


Well back to the present, a child with the same name is Ryuu but a different surname, Oda Ryuuki.

Oda clan, Ryuu is right now Ryuuki is Oda Nobunaga's descendant. But unfortunately even though Ryuuki is Oda surname. But that's just the past that has become history. Ryuuki's life now is not much different from his past life, Neither rich nor poor is just normal.

But the problem is the world that Ryuuki left because this world is the world of the last anime he watched, namely the world of high school DxD. A world full of supernatural beings. At first, Ryuuki was excited to enter the anime world. Ryuuki had never thought of before.

'But what's the point, Physical Strength alone is not enough to survive in this world!'(Ryuuki)

'At least give me a low-grade Sacred Gear! What the hell I haven't even met a creature that calls itself a ROB or something like that!"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki kept cursing in his mind until he was satisfied, after calming down Ryuuki finally got it to think seriously.

'Alright, Haah before I wasn't reborn as my memory instantly awakened in this little kid's body… and it's only been 3 days after I came back, but I don't even have any extraordinary powers.'(Ryuuki)


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