15 Chapter 15

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Ryuuki can help Lavinia gain Mana by placing a magic circle in her heart, but as Ryuuki said this is very risky because it can cause the Heart to explode because the magic circle is out of sync with the body. Ryuuki is another case.

"You can, but it's very risky"(Ryuuki)

In a low voice but heard by Lavinia who made the previously gloomy woman have a bright light around her.


While holding Ryuuki's hand, which made Ryuuki embarrassed while looking away. Lavinia who realized what he had done immediately let go.


'Eh, what happened to me, why am I embarrassed by a child who is the same age as Va-kun!?'(Lavinia)

"Ahem, let me explain first" (Ryuuki)

Ryuuki explained the method that Ryuuki could do because of his special magic circle. Installing it by expanding is very different when Ryuuki installed the Magic Circle. Lavinia can also create the magic circle by increasing its Mana Output power, because the magic circle is Unique unlike Ryuuki installed before because some have been fixed and further improved.

Lavinia's eyes shone upon hearing this, which made Ryuuki unable to resist… who finally gave in.

Ryuuki and Lavinia returned to Ryuuki's house, Ryuuki's mother was initially surprised to see her very young child bringing a very beautiful blonde girl to her room which made Ryuuki's mother immediately called Ryuuki's father at the office.

Ryuuki ignored this, until Ryuuki's room put up a sound barrier and other barriers, Ryuuki called Multi Barrier.

Lavinia was told to sit down and meditate first, while Lavinia was meditating Ryuuki made a magic circle for Lavinia which was ready to be installed.

Ryuuki took the feather Pen, the pen is a magic tool made by Ryuuki, with this pen Ryuuki can write in the air, Ryuuki makes a series of magic formulas in the air, Lavinia is concentrating earlier, Ryuuki immediately inserts the letters into his chest which makes Lavinia groan.


Lavinia made a sigh and her body temperature suddenly heated up. Ryuuki seeing this made a complicated expression.

'Does it work as an aphrodisiac too?'(Ryuuki)

After finishing inserting the magic letters into Lavinia, it didn't matter at first and suddenly Lavinia's body made a reaction where Lavinia grabbed Ryuuki to make her comfortable, but it didn't work.

'Naturally, I created a new concept into her body, it's natural that her body has to adjust' (Ryuuki)

"Ryu-kun~, AHHH~"(Lavinia)

'I feel guilty'(Ryuuki)

After a few minutes Lavinia started to get better and felt a strange energy in her body. Lavinia was instantly happy and asked Ryuuki to teach her basic magic like spawning fire without magic circle without spell or magic circle.

Lavinia immediately tried it which she could immediately, because unlike other energies, Mana itself only needed a strong imagination to make the magic happen.

After trying this, Lavinia suddenly saw Ryuuki with a red face.

"I immediately feel bad"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki got goosebumps when Lavinia stared at him with lust there. Lavinia continued to slowly approach Ryuuki and hugged him until he buried Ryuuki's head into her big breasts.

"Thank you Ryu-kun"(Lavinia)

With a warm breath Lavinia whispered this into Ryuuki's ear.

'Does it work as an aphrodisiac too!?'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki shouted in his mind, Lavinia caught Ryuuki's face so that Ryuuki could only see Lavinia who was lusting.

Lavinia's face was getting closer to Ryuuki, Ryuuki closed his eyes.


Lavinia just kissed Ryuuki's forehead and after that left Ryuuki who was in a daze while Lavinia came out while her face was red.

After Lavinia left, Ryuuki's mother, who happened to see her blushing, misunderstood, so that night Ryuuki was scolded so badly by his mother that Ryuuki's father didn't move when he wanted to help poor Ryuuki.

Ryuuki's father only encouraged Ryuuki while leaving, by the way Ryuuki already has a younger sister named Aya Oda.

Aya is more like Ryuuki's father who has black hair while Ryuuki is more like his mother who has sky-blue hair.

The next day Lavinia also comes and apologizes for what she did yesterday.

'Well, why is Lavinia apologizing?'(Ryuuki)

Confused because Lavinia's character doesn't match what was informed before Ryuu hasn't become Ryuuki.

Next Ryuuki taught Lavinia about the basics of Ryuuki's magic, Ryuuki's magic consisted of complex spells after the spell was completed only need to imagine the shape of the magic to manifest a good example in this case is Ryuuki's barrier type Magic. The barrier type 'Dyson Sphere' is based on original theory.

The barrier magic could be called the Ultimate Barrier level, because no matter how strong an attack was, it would not break the barrier unless an opponent like Great Red or Ophis could break the barrier after all, these creatures could destroy this universe if they wanted.

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