13 Chapter 13

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After the business with Samejima was finished for invading the enemy's headquarters by themselves, and also getting a bonus as well as dozens of victims from the luxury ship disaster, they also saved. Tobio very grateful to Ryuuki because one of the dozens of victims was a close friend.

But unfortunately Tobio couldn't get any information about Sae, now they are at Natsume and Lavinia's base which happens to be where Vali is.

After that Samejima also started to introduce himself and he also somehow immediately became familiar with Tobio as if Tobio was his best friend.

"Of the Himejima clan, Hanezu Himejima"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki made a report about the person who told Doumon to retreat, perhaps he was also involved in the Clan war.

"It's still the current era"(Ryuuki)

The war between the Clans of the 5 main Clans in Tokyo is why, because Fanatic Shinto really respects their customs so when someone from a Clan member they think doesn't meet the criteria of the Clan then that person will be expelled even though he is still young, a good example here is Tsubaki Shinra.

Tobio understood what Ryuuki meant, growling as he clenched his fists.

'Haaah, I was about to destroy the 5 Clans but doing so doesn't solve any problems other than delayed destruction.'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki continued to discuss with the others about their next move before suddenly feeling a change in Ryuuki's body.


Ryuuki was having a hard time holding his breath until this wall was seen by the others and Lavinia immediately asked with a worried tone.

"Ryu-kun what's wrong?"(Lavinia)

Ryuuki was thinking about what happened to his body when he came to his senses when Lavinia approached.

"No, I'm fine"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki walked out and glanced behind him.

"I beg you, leave me alone first" (Ryuuki)

After that Ryuuki headed to the roof of the apartment leaving a heavy atmosphere because Ryuuki suddenly turned pale.

Above the Apartment Ryuuki immediately meditated to control his dragon energy.

'Urh…it's only natural that it's like this'(Ryuuki)

Seeing his hands that had become blue dragon scales without being noticed by Ryuuki was also noticed by someone. Ryuuki is currently back in his dragon form where his head is horned and has yellow dragon eyes with slit pupils and his hair is long again.

Zegion immediately keep watch at the door to protect Ryuuki so that his secret would not be immediately discovered by the people downstairs.

What happened to Ryuuki was that his dragon heart started to form Ryuuki into a full dragon but Ryuuki didn't let that happen and made 3 seals on him, why is that because this is also related to Ryuuki who constantly increases Chakra and Mana energy output making Ryuuki's body start develop further to match Ryuuki, so the dragon heart begins to make Ryuuki a full dragon because to balance the energy that is accommodated by Ryuuki's body…

Ryuuki started to stabilize his Dragon Energy making the scales that appeared earlier disappear and Ryuuki's horns also started to shrink and return to normal after finishing Ryuuki heaved a sigh of relief.

'It's not time for me to turn into a full dragon"(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki thinks that way because there are still many things he wants to try, and he doesn't want to be targeted by someone before he becomes very, very strong to fight against it.

"A dragon?"

A child's voice that sounded arrogant, Ryuuki also knew that he was being watched by someone but ignored it because that person would definitely not unmask him.

A little boy in a long silver haired scarf with a cute face.

'Vali Lucifer and the strongest Hakuryuu in history'(Ryuuki)

Ryuuki calmly landed because he had previously floated.

"I didn't think that the person Azazel said that you was a dragon" (Vali)

"Is that the Sekiryuutei, Albion"(Vali)

Vali raises metallic blue wings on his back.

[No, but I feel that boy is similar to Yu-Long](Albion)

'It's only natural that Albion knows, maybe Albion met Yu-Long centuries ago'(Ryuuki)

"Hee, I see"(Vali)

Vali disappeared from his place and appeared behind Ryuuki.

"Let's see how strong you are" (Vali)

Time Skip.

In an ordinary apartment and on its roof a small silver haired child lay limp with several wounds and in front of him a blue-haired child stood upright calmly sighing.

'Yep, it really was a short fight'(Ryuuki)

What happened then, when Vali was behind Ryuuki. Actually Ryuuki had realized it and his body immediately moved automatically, training with Lu-Bu resulted in Ryuuki aligning his mind with his body movements so Ryuuki wouldn't be surprised when the body reflex caused by awareness of danger and Ryuuki's body will automatically make a precautionary move.

This was the result Ryuuki directly hit Vali's stomach and did a series of punches in the air and threw Vali to the ground.

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