11 Chapter 11

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Tonight Ryuuki and Tobio are invited by Natsume to meet someone who is Tobio's acquaintance as well as Samejima Kouki. After Natsume mentions the name Tobio remembers about that person.

Samejima is a delinquent at Tobio's school and is also very famous in the school environment because he often does violence where Samejima is but after that incident Tobio has rarely heard of Samejima name.

And came to a place in a department store that had gone out of business.

'Why not somewhere else'(Ryuuki)

When they entered the department store, Tobio found a white Key peeking behind the entrance.


The pigtails were white and blue eyes, as if guiding them. The cat entered the barn. And they followed until they saw Kouki who was dealing with dozens of Utsusemi with a ferocious grin.

Because the place was big, so they divided into 2 groups where Lavinia and Natsume went to the first floor while Ryuuki and Tobio went upstairs… and suddenly Ryuuki realized something.

"They have been attacked" (Ryuuki)

Ryuuki's voice was strong enough that Tobio heard this and immediately called Natsume, and it was true that they were being attacked as well.

"Oh, you don't look the same on the list, did you go with a woman calling herself a witch." (Samejima)

But seeing their condition Tobio just ignored Samejima's question, and he also looked around as if he was just relaxing in the crowd of monsters.

"I assume that's true"(Samejima)

"Let's go, Byakusa!"(Samejima)

The cat immediately jumped on Kouki's shoulder and its tail split open and wrapped its arms into a drill, and Kouki stared at the monsters with an insane lightness.


And after that Kouki stepped forward to face the crab-shaped monster and punched with the drill in his hand as the Crab was crushed.

Tobio also started helping because Kouki's opponents were too many.

"Jin, slash!"(Tobio)


Jin dashed forward and had the monsters slashed by the horns of Jin's sword. Meanwhile, Ryuuki also started telling Zegion to attack.

"Zegion, Do it"(Ryuuki)

With a calm voice telling Zegion, the Beetle returned to its original size and advanced ignoring Kouki who was surprised by Zegion's size.

Zegion was only one hit, and that one hit caused a huge gust of wind and instantly wiped out all the monsters in the area.

And dozens of students who became victims of Utsusemi lay unconscious after Utsusemi was destroyed, and the same magic circle appeared to take the students but Ryuuki didn't let that happen.

Just like what Ryuuki did before just snapping his fingers The magic circles instantly shattered like glass.

Kouki saw Zegion's power just froze after feeling the enormous energy released by Zegion.

And Tobio saw dozens of students lying unconscious and immediately approached them all to check if his friends were in the crowd, and it turned out that one of Tobio's friends met, namely Sasaki.

'It's not like he was the first to attack Tobio before'(Ryuuki)

After that Ryuuki continued to heal the students who had become victims of Utsusemi, and all of them he managed to save.

'They all have very bad mental health, it's also natural that they were made Utsusemi in a conscious state' (Ryuuki)

In their care they were suddenly attacked by someone but Zegion quickly covered Ryuuki and the others with his big and hard body. Tobio and Kouki who had just woken up from their daydream became alert again.

It was a man in his second half of his twenties wearing a business suit.

While showing anger clearly on his face.

"You! What are you guys doing with our super soldiers!"

Samejima asked in a threatening tone.

"… The mastermind?"(Samejima)

"Heeh, I am one of them, My name is Doumon Kazuhisa"(Doumon)

"I also participated in the 'Four Fiends Project' You brats, who dare to interfere in our affairs,"(Doumon)

The person cast a spell and behind him appeared two golems made of stone.

"Accept the consequences!"(Doumon)

Doumon ordered the golems to attack but was again blocked by Zegion.

"Heh, just an insect!"(Doumon)

Mocking Zegion Doumon confidently that his golem would easily trample Zegion down.

But Zegion was again only one hit to destroy the golems.


A shocked face appeared. Doumon was filled with disbelief that his golems would be annihilated in just one hit.

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