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Cheat Doctor In Another World


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Our protagonist was a doctor who died from a heart attack while performing surgery on a patient... Sad... Typical story? Maybe... Reincarnated in another world and back to his youth, our protagonist decided to open a clinic in order to treat different kinds of patients. Appraise Ingredients+Ingredients Comprehension+Magical Diagnostics+Medicine Creation? A bacterial infection? Don't worry, we have antibiotics!(something like it) Headache? Here's some panadol.(something like it) Demon King has a sore throat? Give him some lozenges!(something like it) And wait, did I become a forensic? • Investigate the cause of death... Wait, how did I become Sherlock Holmes as well? • XXX drowned in his bathtub and only this strand of pubic hair was found... • XXX is missing. Only her underwear was left behind... Please investigate for us. Now I am involved in political affairs as well? Oh come on! Explore a dungeon to collect ingredients?? Just what are you expecting a doctor to do? *** A fun, slow paced story about our protagonist's life in another world as a doctor/forensic/detective. ☆ Story is influenced by Cheat Pharmacist's slow life + Isekai yakkyoku + Jui san no Oshigoto in Isekai ☆ Story will be slow paced ☆ Its a slice of life story ☆ This story is just to relieve some stress


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