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Chasing Zhang yong


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“You started this game, so don’t regret it now” Zhang yong whispered. “Then I’ll be the one to end it” Li Wang Yan retorted, looking straight at his eyes. “Too late, I want you now” he look at her lovingly. - - - - - - - - Li wang yan who is admired by everyone, capture many dude hearts except for one. She endlessly chase after him even though everyone told her is wasn’t worth it. She wanted to break the wall but never succeeded, but she kept trying. Zhang yong who is the king of the underworld and business was filled with darkness ever since he left her. He decides to ignore her and hurt her so she would stop going after him. He didn’t want love, especially if that person was her. He didn’t like her existence but he couldn’t get rid of her. She always cling on to him like her last hope, but when she succeeded getting his heart she left.

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