1 Crown (1)

"Big hot rules there was new rules for all around the world that it will change the economic Scientist called Sir Alavarez conviced the policy to change the rules"

the reporter in the news continue to interview the person next to him.

"Sir Alavarez can we know what is the rules that you had made to make the president agree to it?"

the person smiled named Alavarez to the reporter.

"Miss Q since it will published late this time maybe I can tell you what is it,The rules are easy The Two school with the different title the first one is The Elite school and the second one is the Rookie school all the students around the world will be choosen between two school"

"I see but whats the dif--"

The person sitting on the sofa off the T.V

'Its been two days since the rules happen,everyone was happy with it including us the rookie student '

"Ren lets go!"

he look at the boy infront of him.

he has a white polo tshirt uniform and his hair is messy.


he nod at him after that they leave to the apartment.

walk walk walk.

"Ren you didnt changed,you are still cold at everybody since your child"his childhoodfriend said but he ignore it.

"Reeeeeen *sobs why you keep *sob ignoring me."his childhoodfriend act like a crying baby.

he finnally look at him but didnt even respond

he continue walking and keep silence.

"Ren!ren!ren!go away come and back another day!Ren!ren!ren go away-"

he looked at him with scary eyes cause his childhoodfriend to stop

they walked together in silence and no one dares to speak.

Walk walk walk

Zen stop when he notice that they were finally arrived at the gate of school so he remind his childhoodfriend.

"Yuro were here."his childhoodfriend read the sign infront of the gate.

"Rookie school and the Elite school"

Zen came in first and didnt wait to Yuro

thats why Yuro run towards him.

When they entered they saw a scene of a elite students who was beating a nerd student wearing a rookie uniform.

"Why you wont follow me,do you know who I am?you ugly nerd!!"One of the elite student punch his face cause him to have a bruised on his lips.

everyones saw the scene of what happened didn't do anything but watching the student got beaten by highclass student.

"Please...*cough..spare..my.life."the nerd pleased them.

"Look the weakling wants to lived."A group of elite students laughing at him.

Zen clenched his hand trying to keep his temper.

"Those are brutal"Yuro commented.

The leader of the group who bully the nerd was about to beat him again but someone stop it.

It was Zen holding the hand of elite student.

"Bro did you know that the weaklings are the one who bullied the weak because they cant beat the stronger"

They were embarrassed to the words came out from Zen.

"Lets go"the leader walk away followed by the other member.

all those who saw it was impressed from the way he handle the situations.


"No need to thank me I help you because thats what the right thing to do."after those last words he immediately walk towards the classroom.

The others are chattering and theres someone who already got bruised.

'It seems like others was involved in Elites too'

He looked around and saw what he expected it would be.

The looks of the classroom was normal but its obvious that its opposite of what you think in news because it wasnt normal its look old that when you imagine sitting in just one chair the chair will already destroy.

the blackboard was covered with traces of chalk.Its like it already been used even all the things that you will saw around the Rookie classroom was already been used.

Its was 19th centuries things,Even the family of Rookie students want to complain they cant because once you did it you will put in the jail in not obeying the rules of the goverment.

he found an empty chair near the window so he goes to that direction.

Yuro sit next to him and the other girls in the classroom aproach his childhoodfriend.

Yuro was 17 years old he was 1 year ahead to Zen,Before the rules has submitted to all around the world,Yuro was popular from girls because of his handsome looks.

Also he was a playboy but still every girls fall inloved with him.

Yuro was from rich family so he was shocked when the rules had submitted ,Zen his childhoodfriend was entered the school of Rookie even though Zen was from a rich family like him so he think that Zen was probably bored being in the rich family and tired treated being a master so Yuro decided so try since he was bored too.

He want to discover new things just like his childhoodfriend but thats what he thought.

Zen was actually had other reasons including that he want to lived content and normal life

like he want to lived alone that didnt rely to everything related to him.

"Hey Yuro-senpai do you have a girlfriend"

A questions pop up in yuro's head

'Well I do have one but I didnt treat them as a girlfriend so do I really have a girlfriend?'

Yuro scratch his face looking at everybody who was waiting for his answer.

He didnt know what to say so he shake his head as an answer.


all of the girls listening feel excitement thinking that they have a chance to him.

Zen covered his ear trying to ignore the yell of everywhere.

A figure a boy comes near,It was the nerd he protect when he encountered the elite students beating him.

"Senpai may I know your name?"

He looked outside on the window trying to ignore him.


He wasnt shock or anything because for him its natural that Zen wont talk to stranger like him.

The nerd take out his glasses and wig showing his long hair that looks beautiful on her.

The other students was surprised that a nerd looks like a boy was tottally a girl.

the other boys was amazed of what they saw.

the girls filled with jealousy to her.

the classroom full noises became louder and louder that makes Zen to look around to see why everyones yelling so louder.

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When he turned around his eyes winded in surprised.

Her appearance was like an actor B rank

she has a yellow long hair and her face is like an angel,Her eyes was skyblue there is one word can describe her she was 'perfect' that makes everyone envy.

"You are a girl?"Zen was shock that he cant believe the boy he saved was actually a girl.

she nod at him and grab both of his hand.

"Senpai I been inloved with you since today so ahm..so please go out with me."she bow and waiting to his answer.


He answered normally after a seconds he finally realized everything had happened.


"I am--"He planned to reject her but its too late because when he about to say it the bell rang and unexpected announcement had happened.

"All Rookie and Elite students please go to the yard near the stage,Again all Rookie and Elite students please go to the yard near the stage!!!"A voice came out that all around the school heard it.

"Senpai maybe I can wait little longer when class was finished"the girl left the classroom including the other students.

"Zen!!lets go!"Yuro shout at shake him cause him to recover too so they immediately left the room and run towards the yard where it was near on stage.

Group of students were lining Zen as well.

"There some changes since a lot of people complain about the rules ,our industry starting to fall down because of those complains who disagree about the rules so the principal planning that it would be fair if A Rookie students competing to Elite students,if someone lose then they will eliminate it,

remember this score was individually so make sure to prepared but when someone's win then they will challenged to the next round until only one of the winner lived

If that happens then He/She will be the one will rule the people all around the school,

thats all thank you" after a long speech a lot of Rookie students clap there hands like they were celebrating their 'freedom' and a few elites clap too because they feel that its going to be exciting.

every Rookie students was happy that they might have chance on winning on it however the elite students disagree of the rules that has given,many got angry,confused,irritated also the other student was nervous about it.

The bell rang again but the sounds was different it was a like trumpet playing musical.

An transparent molecube appeared on the sky and it explodes a glitters everywhere.

A progaming System showed on top of the sky.

"Oh I forgot to tell you guys that every round was like a game so all of students will gain some powers and the world will switch to turn on Magical World"The programs disappeared.

And A light began to enter every students body.

Zen slowly closed his eyes as he feel something was giving him strength,

When he opened his eyes he look at the other students and was amazed on it.

they were wearing Knight Armor,Mage,Stealer,Reaper and an unknown costume.

While Zen was wearing a black coat and full white equip inside on it and his status title was (Summoner[Mixed]).

(Welcome to the Gate of tales)

Quest (1) the quest pop in the screen so everyone opened it.

(Dear players you cant continue that game if you didnt follow the rules that all players need to accepted the 1st quest if not then you will be eliminated so look at your toolbars now you have 15 minutes to finish it,be fast because the time is starting)

Zen did what the teller told.

he open the quest and read what was written on it .

Quest1:Your choosen to be a master so you must choose your maid ,in order to do it you need to hug a choosen maid to fullfill your first quest thank you so much and goodluck :).

"hey can everyone hug me?"

"Who needs hug?"

"Guys hug plss"

Some other guys imagining something dirty.

Some was nervous struggling to find a partner.

'What the heck was that are they kidding me?'

(No)the system answer him.

'what was that?'

When Zen about to find Yuro to be his partner it was too late because Yuro got already hug someone 'ah forget it why would I hug a man?!'he think it was crazy idea but he has choice,who would want to be his partner?he was cold to everybody.no one would willing to interact him just then.

The stunning girl who confessed to him on that time came near him.

she quickly took a hug on him and a system on his quest was gone.

(Reward:10 Silver)

[congratulations player you were competing to the next round]

The other player already finished the quest while others was still finding.

2 minutes left they still had a time.

"Senpai.."her face was red same both to Zen.

'It was my first time how could you system!'

A mysterious bell rang and everyone was gazing on the board where the list of the player got eliminated.

<2040 players was successfully made the quest and 347 has elimanated was put on the jail.>

everyone paused in the last sentenced.

It was unexpected thing.

they though it was just simple that every player got eliminated only lived a normal life and not include to the game but they was wrong.

A black aura filled with them and they become to tremble scared of losing.

The mentor behind it smile 'thats make the game more interesting they will do everything in order to win even played dirty'he laughed looking at the player who was trembling and shivers.