1 Prologue

The pub was full of shouts as fans raged at the screen, the commentator for the BBC can be heard saying, " and the games over is over Burnley will be celebrating but the fans of Arsenal can be seen shaking their heads."

Putting down his drink Ashley shakes his head in disgust, "0 : 0 with Burnley?" his voice slurred as he turned to the man beside him, he had no idea who this man was but this was an Arsenal Pub so he wasn't afraid to speak his mind here.

The Stranger merely grunted agreement, "Our squads gone off to the pits mate, we used to dominate this league but now we are pretty much a Joke!"

Sighing Ashley turns to the man, "We need real strikers, we have such a powerful attack but no bloody finishers, it's frustrating to watch."

A man at the next table makes his voice known, "I know what you mean, there is no killer instinct everyone wants to have goal of the week instead of the points, but I admit the teams new direction is looking good since Arteta took over"

There were a few nods and grunts Arteta had been part of the greatest squad in Arsenal's history, the Untouchables, this earned him a lot of respect from the Arsenal supporters.

Ashley could only sigh emotionally, at a young age he dreamed of playing in the league like most kids do, however his dream would never come through not because he failed but he never really tried, he could be described by many as athletic from a young age, but due to his shy nature he never attended any camps, instead pursuing his other passion, dance.

But even when his dance began to draw attention and he was scouted by troupes and Broadway productions his shy nature made him turn them down.

Now nearing 30 years he is working in Sports as a solicitor for a Sports firm, so he interacts with athletes quite often.

Behind the bar the owner was listening and sighing, "We can only hope that things go well, this season lets believe in our boys"

Everyone surrounding can only grumble and nod.

The mood in the pub lifted after consecutive wins in the last three games and the regulars were watching stunned as they heard the final whistle ended the game, "Arsenal's winning streak has come to an end, falling behind 2 : 0, Arsenal loses to Olympiakos at home 2: 1 on aggregate."

Ashley was already too drunk to form words at this point, he staggered out of the pub alone.

I wish I was a player, I would definitely do better, I know I could have been better than that, he thought with inebriated confidence.

He stumbles and trips into the road, turning slightly he sees a Truck just before all fades to black.

His last thought was, Sh-

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