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Chasing Ghosts


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Jade Covenington was your average every day model, well except for one thing. She was a werewolf and she had a child. Her daughter was 3 years of age and did not know her father. Now here is the story of how Jade came to live in the city and have a child with no father. Well Jade was dating a man back in college, He turned out to be more then she bargained for. She was bitten and turned into a werewolf. Jade was mostly okay with the fact that she was a wolf, she was with the man she loved, things were going good, she had been getting along with her mate till her world basically collapsed in on itself. She accidentally killed an innocent when out hunting due to the fact, the man had pointed a gun at her. She was frozen over his body as the rain poured down her fur. With one swift move she was running through the rain, away from him, away from the pack, unknowingly carrying the soon to be alphas child and heir. When she did find out, she knew she couldn't go to a hospital, she had to go it alone and knew if she told him he make her come, back and she couldn't. For the next 3 years, she has easily raised her child and enjoyed her freedom only changing when her wolf forced her to. She didn't want Lyn knowing that life. She always kept a bag packed in case another wolf showed or their was danger, she would jump out the fire escape and run away. However now the pack is under attack and they need their best tracker.(aka Jade) What will happen when Erin finds out about the child when he comes to find her and how will this reconnect them, will they fix what is broken? And Deal with a new suprise That Lycans still exist. This is written by 2 people on a site, but have permission from said person to post this.


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