Chasing For Justice
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Chasing For Justice


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What is Chasing For Justice

Chasing For Justice is a popular web novel written by the author clydieM, covering MYSTERY, ROMANCE, JUSTICE, LAWYER, PROSECUTOR, CASE SOLVING, CHASER, Sci-fi Romance genres. It's viewed by 7K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 19 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Bravery Zoe Alphonse is a shy but fearless woman. Since she was a child, she wants to be a lawyer. Everything about law, she remembers it. That's how interested her in becoming a lawyer. When she finally becomes a lawyer, she discovered her special skill. She’s dreaming of what will happened. That’s why she becomes part of Justice Chasers. A team where all of them have a special skills. But they can’t always win the case that they’re holding. How can they solve the case, when Justice Chasers members are slowly fading? Start: October 11, 2020 End:


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I must say this is one of the stories with a difficult genre to write. Fictional stories that entail law and contemporary issues are difficult to write. This is why I commend the Author for taking up the challenge in writing such story. Please, give this story a chance. It is truly a worth of your time once you read this. Keep it up Author! More Chapters please!


I really love reading stories with law student character. Thank you for this!


When I first read it, It have few errors. Now, it still have errors but I can see that the author is improving. I’m rooting for your story. Keep Writing!


Read few chapters, I love the narration and the characters.I like the way its written because its simple and couldn't let the readers confuse. Keep it up!


Hi Author! I liked how the story is developing so far and it peeks my interest because of law, and I admire you for choosing this concept because it's pretty hard to write on this without having a little knowledge, so I know you've learned and study on this which is a plus! Great job! Keep up the good work!


A genre pertaining to law and order, murder and mystery, investigations and results, a nice take on the characters with their interactions along with a good maneuver of the progressing storyline. Grammars should be kept on check and that's all. Good job author!


You chose a difficult subject to write about, but at least that's something fresh, original in a crowd of novels, here... I like you idea. The storyline keeps well the readers attention, characters are expressive, dialogues are engaging, descriptions interesting... Keep doing your good work!


I really find this novel interesting. It's rare to see a novel here on this platform that uses a lot of dialogues to keep a plot moving. I can also see the improvement of the author as the story goes on both grammar and word usage wise. Wish the author all the best. Please keep it up. May the author write more, edit more, learn more, and even earn more.


The story plot is definitely interesting, it's giving me a lot of Phoenix wright ace attorney vibes, since they're very similar. The only thing that needs some work is the grammar. Everything else is perfect.


Very nice story! I don't see many novels in this genre in here, so it's refreshing!! I like the MC, and the premise of the novel is new to me. The information and description of the process of law is detailed. The dialogue is dynamic. Good job, dear author :)


This story is very hard to read but fun. Law story is always good and always be my top list. Keep it up. You can do this. I want to read more


Hello! I finished reading it till the 5th Chapter, ngl, it is indeed a difficult genre to keep interesting and maintain. Her journey envisages me and its inspiring. Looking forward to reading more chapters! NO SPOILERS BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES THEM


Okay, now I've seen another lawyer book! I just want to say that your book is realistic! If it weren't for the fiction, this novel is really good!


I've always liked law, crime and mysteries! really admire them that knew how to wrote about this difficult genre! Keep it up, author. just a little bit of advice tho: please smoothen the scene transition or put some kind of marks in between because the abrupt change sometimes make me confused but overall the story is very good!


The author possesses the abilities to harbour suspense amongst her readers. Her character development is commendable. The supposed male lead Zavien seems suspicious and she has managed to make me feel that way with her great writing skills. A few grammatical errors, but they manage to stay unnoticed as her overall work keeps you hooked. She has abundant knowledge in the genre and has kept me so curious to read what happens next. Rooting for you! Strongly recommended.


Good job Author. I liked its pace. Pretty good story because i like mystery. and in the first chapter, it started with mystery. well I thought author had gone nuts at the beginning, but then all I got there was mystery. Great!


I must say it's a fairly interesting this is honestly my first reading a story like this and I liked it.It was really well written,I truly enjoyed it can't wait to see where your taking this😀


This feels like Nancy Drew if she were a lawyer instead of a nosy kid. Well, it's not really that similar, but I loved those books (and the Hardy Boys) as a kid and this story fills me with an odd nostalgia. To the review! The good: The hook is good, it draws you in and gets you invested. You care about what happens to these characters, the world seems diverse from what we're allowed to see of it, and I like where it's going so far. The bad: Eh, English is a second language here is my guess. Poor word choice here and there, enough to be noticed, but not so bad as to make this excellent story unreadable. With an editor I could see this being a top seller. Overall: I really liked this story and I'll recommend it to any friend interested in crime/drama/mystery.


This genre is a lot of work for Author, but I can see that book is written beautifully. I can see myself reading this book if I wanted to know more about lawyers. Keep it up.


So far, interesting plot. As a person who like crimes and law, I will probably dig in this kind of story. Not enough chapters to go on for now, and there's a few errors in here and there. But it's totally fine! I did that all the time too. You can improve the more you write! Keep up the good work


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