Chasing After My WifeChasing After My Wife

Chasing After My Wife

by _frieyaVida

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Jilyanna's face paled when she saw the man coming out from an expensive car. His face was as handsome as she last remembered but his dark eyes were cold and penetrating. His lips pulled up into a devilish smile making her heart faltered in its beat. "Why don't you return with me my sweet wife?" his voice was husky as he beckoned her to come closer. "I'm not your wife sweetheart. You've mistaken me for someone else." Jilyanna played along but her eyes were scanning her surroundings for possible escape. "You're not? Then give me back my sperm." Jilyanna choked at his words. She did promise him to be his wife, but she didn't want to get married at all. However, she did steal his sperm and it's over a month old.

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