1 2.1 The war

Both of their eyes were fixed at the scene. The soldiers collided with each other, the huge sound of slashing of swords erupted around them. The approach of the incoming soldiers slowed down. Zorion again raised his sword and lowered it down. Another group of soldiers forwarded at the second command. They all rushed forward in the same manner. She was busy looking at the fighting soldiers, she didn't realize Lycaon and Zorion already left. On realizing it, she looked around her. She then ran towards Onyx and jumped on it. She gently hit the reins and forwarded at the battleground.

"C'mon boy it's time to fight," Cressida said and forwarded her horse in the middle of the soldiers. Some soldiers passed by her and clashed against the enemy soldier. The sword of an enemy soldier penetrated the stomach of one. Her eyes widened at the scenes. Blood spurred out of his mouth. She moved onyx back. Her heart began to beat fast. She looked around her. Same scenes were repeating around her. Either their soldiers were dying or the enemies. Either way, there were dead bodies everywhere with splashes of blood here and there. A sudden hit of arrow made the soldier beside her fall back from the horse. Droplets of blood splashed on her face. She gasped and flinched back. She had killed many people and fought a lot. But today her mind and body were not with her to kill anyone. She was sick of killing. She covered her ears with her hands closed her eyes. The metallic smell of the blood made her uncomfortable. She took heavy breaths and wobbled on her horse.

"What's all this?" She murmured and slowly opened her eyes. The battleground was something at a different level than their usual fights with the pirates. She lifted her eyes and looked at the people dying in front of her. 'I started this war I have to fight.' Cressida thought. She then pulled out her dagger. Her eyes wandered around. She couldn't find who were allies and who were enemies. The dust in the air made her vision blur. She felt a sudden sense of attack from the front. She dodged it and bend to the side. An arrow came towards her and passed by her side. She flinched and looked at the source of the attack. She couldn't find any particular person. There were many people in the way. She moved Onyx to the side and rode forward. She passed the soldiers and made her way towards where the arrow was shot.

On her way, she encountered soldiers running and riding. Some jumped from their horses and swung their swords at the enemy horses the horse rolled down making the enemy collapse. She made her horse jumped from the fallen enemies and continued to move forward. Her gaze then fell on Lycaon who was fighting with three soldiers at once. She moved her horse towards him. A soldier suddenly came in front of her and slashed his sword at her, she raised her dagger and defended his attack. She then kicked him back. He imbalanced then held the reins of his horse to prevent him from falling. He stabled himself and forwarded his attack again at Cressida. She ducked and slashed her dagger against his body. He was covered in armor which made her attack unsuccessful. She then lifted her form and pierced the sharp blade through the chain armor on the neck. The blade passed through the holes of the chain and penetrated his neck. His mouth fell open leaking the blood out of it. She pulled back the dagger and moved to the side. She looked at her hand. 'Nothing is different.' She thought seeing her blood-soaked hand. She then moved forward to catch up with Lycaon and Zorion. While she was riding forward a sudden arrow came towards her and passed by her hand. Hitting her upper arm to bleed. She quickly held her injured arm and averted her head in the direction from where the arrow came.

Her eyes widened at the person. She firmly held her hand. Blood leaking out of her wound. Her eyes didn't let go of the gaze of the shooter. She blinked and looked again. It was her, the Queen of the South. Cressida cursed under her breath. She didn't expect the Queen to fight too. That too, her shot was pretty fast to dodge. Cressida tore a piece of cloth from her cape and tied it around her arm. The Queen continued to gaze at her without a blink. Now that she found Cressida, she wouldn't let go out of her sight. She turned Onyx to the side and tried to move out of her sight. She again shoots the arrow which hit on the ground exactly in front of Onyx. Onyx raised its forelegs and neighed. A soldier from behind slashed the sword against her back. The sword pierced her shirt along with her skin. A deep red cut appeared on her back. She gasped and turned around. She gritted her teeth in pain. With a sudden moment, she turned around Onyx and slashed the sword at the soldier. The soldier defended her attack with his sword. He was converted in armor too. She now regrets not wearing the armor at the back. She pulled back and forwarded Onyx beside him. She then lowered her dagger on his laps, the only part where there was no armor. The soldier screamed in pain and looked at his legs. She then kicked him down from his horse. Another arrow from behind came, she moved Onyx to the right. The arrow hit on the ground to the left. She turned around and met her eyes with the Queen. The Queen's gaze was fixed on her. 'Dammit!' Cressida murmured. There was no turning back from the fight. She stood there for a moment, looking at the Queen into her eyes. And then decided to face her directly. She rode Onyx straight towards the Queen.



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