Chaos the First Entity
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Chaos the First Entity


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What is Chaos the First Entity

Read Chaos the First Entity fanfiction written by the author Kenkou on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, overpoweredmc, percyjackson, alternateuniverse, greekgods. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(PERCY JACKSON FANFIC, CANON STARTS AT BEGINNING OF “THE LOST HERO” AND THEN BECOMES AU) Chaos, the first entity to exist, wakes from their slumber after eons. As per their agreement with Gaia they reincarnate themselves as a mortal to explore the world she created. Chaos chooses to reincarnate randomly and finds out they’ve become a demigod. (Please go easy on me as this is my first time ever voluntarily writing a story that’s not for an assignment in school. I can’t gaurentee that everything will be accurate but hopefully you’ll enjoy my little fanfic. Book cover is from Overly Sarcastic Productions greek creation myth video. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw one soon, but for now it’s a placeholder.)


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la historia esta bastante interesante, aunque tengo mis dudas la emisión no se ve muy optimista pero ya veremos, el mc es un poco decepcionante en cuanto a su papel, es la primera entidad caos, incluso si no tiene conocimiento social y de la vida mortal en general, pero le falta como ese destello de sabiduría existencial(esa que tienes solo por vivir, así sea lo mas común) además no se si supone que sea así pero como primera entidad solo duerme y no hace nada mas?, creo que al menos debería tener sus trucos y sus cosas, no solo un ser todo poderoso que no sabe ni que puede hacer mas de lo que hace en el momento, en cuanto a su personaje se describió como poco ambicioso pero al menos debería tener su orgullo como entidad no?..., después de todo el solo sello su poder no su conocimiento y su ser, pues me parece un poco decepcionante el carácter de mc


i love the idea because you esentally created an empty caracter who can progress as they were essentally a blank slate like oyher caracters but this one doesnt get affacted by a past that doesnt exactly exist in the first place


A realy good novel. Please ceep going. I do think that this novel is interesting and gets much too less attention...........................


Off to a great start so far! I'm interested in seeing how this will all play out. I'm confused about a few parts but I'm sure they'll be answered in the near future. :D


Interesting story you have here I will follow it to see how it ends and but what more people did I find because it was pure chance, I still liked it [img = recomendar][img = recomendar][img = recomendar]


This fanfic is amazing! But the author hasn't updated in months so I hope they're doing okay. I highly reccomend this to other fan fic readers though


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