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"How do you even know them?" Khan asked. 

Khan had yet to open the description of the two mental techniques on the list, so he could only guess what they did according to their names. Still, Delia seemed to know their exact uses and effects.

"Both techniques consume a lot of mana," Rick added before Delia could answer. "The "enhanced reading" is something that the Guko have created, so it's not perfect for humans. Meanwhile, the "simulated mental battle" is rather advanced. You might be unable to use it without some training."

"How can you both know about this?" Khan repeated as his gaze moved between Rick and Delia.

"Mana has various uses," Delia summarized. "There is a lot more past and in-between martial arts and spells. Magical items and techniques that don't require specific elements have become common after the Global Army interacted with multiple alien species. Still, most of them are too advanced for recruits or soldiers in their second year."

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