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3rd POV

"Alright we're here"Hinata's mom said as she turned her head to hinata's seat,"you exited?"she said smiling a little,Hinata only looked at her then back at the floor,his mom sighed "what about you Natsu?"his mom said smiling at the little girl,"WAAH it looks Soo amazing can we get inn??"Natsu started yelling,her mom only chuckled and nodded in response.


"I'm sorry but you need to change schools"hinata's mom said looking at her son,"Wah-what why but-"Hinata said tears filling his eyes,"I'm sorry but I got promoted in my job and so we need to move houses"she said now looking to the side,"and btw your not happy in your school so why not?"she said, hinata's eyes only watered more,"d-dise he k-know?"Hinata asked looking at his mom,"no and I won't tell him it'll be only you me and Natsu it'll be better tho"she said smiling warmly at her son,Hinata only nodded and went up to his room to pack his things..


"neh...shouyou how about you go choose your room?"hinata's mom said looking at her son,"h-hai"Hinata said trying to sound as happy and excited as possible.

"Okasaan I'm hungryy~"Natsu whined looking at her mom with her big puppy eyes,"I know I know I'll cook food now go see if your brother finished unpacking"she said smiling,"HAI"Natsu yelled going to her brother's room.

"oni-Chan are you done?"Natsu said as she popped up inside hinata's room,"yeah..hey what schools are we-"hinata was cut by the bell of there door ringing.

"hmm?? Who is it tho?! Shouyou Natsu Can you open the door"

Hinata's mom said,"HAI"Hinata and Natsu said together as they went to the ground floor and started heading to the door.

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"Hello there"A women with long brunette hair said,"H-hello MOM"Hinata said smiling at the women then looking back inside calling his mom,"Hi I'm Natsu"Natsu said smiling at the women,"well hello there Natsu I'm-"The women said but before finishing hinata's mom came,"oh Good morning"hinata's mom said,"morning"The women said,Hinata didn't give any interest so he headed back to his room,"I'm Oikawa Hitami your now neighbor,I came here to greet our new neighbors"Hitami said with a smile,"oh it's so nice of you tho..my name's Hinata Sakima please come in"Sakima said.

"So is that ginger your son?"Hitami said,"oh you mean shouyou well yea he's and this little one here is Natsu"Sakima Said,"well I've met Natsu tho,I have a son and tow daughters"Hitami said,"my son is a third year and one of my daughters is 9 and the other is married"Hitami said with a small smile,"well Shouyou is a first year and Natsu is 9 as well" Sakima Said,"is your kids gonna change schools?"Hitami asked,"yeah I think..what was it's name..oh yes Aoba Johsai that's we're I'll sign them"Sakima Said,Hitami smiled"my son and daughter are there too so maybe they'll get to know each other"Hitami said.

With Hinata

Hinata was staring blankly at his new room's wall..'why..why does it have to be me..' Hinata thought as he laid his head on the bed,"I..I should be happy..but why..why does it always have to be me..why does it hurt so bad..."Hinata started sobbing quietly on his bed,"NII-CHAAN"Natsu bust in the room with her sunny smile,Hinata wiped his face and putted a fake smile on,"What is it Nat?"Hinata said,"Oka-San said we'll be going to Aoba Johsai isn't that cool!"Natsu said while bouncing around the room, hinata's eyes widened,"A-Aoba Johsai??"Hinata said,"hmm? What's up Nii-Chan don't you wanna go?is there something wrong?is-"Natsu started getting worried even tho she's nine but she knows a lot that other kids her age don't know,"Natsu I'm fine it's fine the school is fine and everything please stop getting worried"Hinata said smiling a little,Natsu Ran to her brother and hugged him tightly,"I don't want what happens before to happen again"Natsu said looking at her brother with teary eyes, hinata's eyes we're wide and he had tears rolling down his cheeks,"hey it's never gonna happen again it was all in the past stop thinking about it"hinata said hugging his sister,"gommen Nii-Chan"Natsu said climbing on hinata's bed,"you wanna sleep with me?"Hinata said with smile,Natsu nodded and so the tow drifted off to sleep.."awe..how cute..I'm happy your okay shouyou"Sakima mumbled to her self as she peeked through the door to her son's room


Some where else~

"Iwa-Chan mean~"Oikawa pouted his childhood friend was with his mom over at the Oikawa's House,"Ugh can you two stop"Akisha 'Iwaizumi mom',"Oni-Chan where's mommy~"Makie 'Oikawa younger sister' Said,"I don-"Oikawa was cut off by the rooms door opening,"Sorry I'm-Oh hello Akisha-San"Hitami said,"Thought you we're gone for ever"Akisha said,"hello Hitami-San"Iwaizumi said,"MOMMMYY"Makie said hugging her mom,"Mom where was you?"oikawa said,"oh I was greeting the new neighbors"Hitami said"new neighbors?"Akisha said in confusion,"oh yes they seem so nice,she have a son and daughter there bother going to start in your school tomorrow"Hitami Said,"oh let's visit them sometime when we have time"Akisha said,"mhmm"Hitami hummed in response.

the tow boys we're arguing and the mom's we're looking at them in disappointment.


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