1 1. The Day before everything changed...


Uggghhh, why cruel world... Its to early for thisss. The sun beamed into the room as I when out of bed dazed.

Mr. Winkles are you hungry. He meowed as if he was weeks without food. You fat cat, you take after you mother don't you.


I put my hoodie on and backbag on.

Shit! I'm gonna be late.. I ran making it down the street. As I ran I hit a boy. Sorry! I looked at my watch and in. old letter there it was 7:55, I bolted without thinking. I made it to school. LATE


Juliet! Why are you late, AGAIN.

Sorry, Mr. Rose

If your late again I will fail you. Now sit down a quit disturbing my class.

I could feel the beam of eyes as I sat down.


Bing. Bing. Bing

Class Dismissed, and dont forget your homework!

Sigh, Another boring day. Walking home I noticed just how beautiful this town really was. There were flower aling the streets, the sunset lit the sky, and people all around in shops.