1 Prologue

Li Zhen's hands trembled at the sight of his best friend and his fiance French kissing on the living room on her very own home .

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pah! Her hand slapped her best friend's face or more like her ex best friend ."How dare you do this to me?"

She couldn't believe that they would do this to her ,her most trusted people ended up betraying her but she couldn't do anything about it .

"Li Zhen I would accept your beating but don't you Dare hurt Yi Mei !" Mu Jung Xi Shouted at Li Zhen defending Yi Mei despite him being on the wrong .

the comedy show got more annoying when Yi Mei started to shed her tears at this moment Li Zhen can see how fake this acting of hers is that she wants to puke .

"Zhen-Zhen blame me don't blame Jung Xi Gege but I really love him I -I just don't know how to break it to you"

Her expression is enough for people to sympathize with her making Li Zhen the antagonist on their story .Her laugh got louder until she couldn't take it anymore and was about to slap Yi Mei again but this time the other member of Li family intervine .

"Li Zhen now you Dare hurt your best friend?? she told me how you bully your sister Runan And how you spent your allowance on toy boys You unfillial child!!"

his father shouted at the top of his lungs making Li Zhen's expression to grew complicated . She had never bullied her sister Runan nor she collected Toy boys but there seems to be solide proofs of things she has never done on her life .Only she knew it's all lie looking at Yi Mei ,Li Zhen didn't missed the small evil smirk she gave .

Then again she was never the favorite of the couple they only cared about their oldest daughter Li Runan and Li Zhen is the forgotten one .

only his grandfather treasure her but her heart still ached as she treat them as her family but one word from an outsider they condemn her .

"You're my parents but you side with an outsider??! just wait and see how the public will react when they heard how the top actress Yi Mei and the young master Mu Jung Xi cheated !!!"

Her words hold only contempt as she heard them called the guards to capture her and seal her mouth she has already run as fast as she could not noticing the black car coming her way .

sounds of shout was heard as a body of a young lady got thrown over by the impact .'This is how far I'll get? Why can't I atleast avenge myself' after those thoughts she lost her consciousness as her body soaked on a crimson red liquid .

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