1 Chapter 1, taken

Allison pov

Whoever this guy is, he's strong just like Luther and I'm scared . I got away from him after he almost choked me out. I started to get chased by the women and ran down to the lunch room where Diego was  and we began to fight this lady two on one. She is pretty strong and fast so we have less of an advantage. She kicks me in the face and I fall onto the table and I notice it's a tiny knife in the arts cup and grab it as the lady runs off and hands it to diego.

Allison: get her!

I say in and angry and annoyed tone as i hand it to him and he throws it, we hear a tiny yell and we already know he was spot on with his throw

Deigo: come on

We run to regroup the others, vanya had a gash on her forehead luther sweaty, and klaus naked as always but no five

Luther: THOSE  people where looking for five

Allison: how do you know that

Luther: i heard them say it

Deigo: well if they were looking for five they'll come back to look again

Allison: i'll be right back

I feel like I'm about to throw up, my stomach turns as I run up to my room. I really feel like I'm going to pass out. I reach my room, shutting the door and locking it. Sitting on the side of my bed as I grab my head. The room bagan to spin and didn't get slower, I was losing my mind was i...i looked down at my leg to see a dart sticking out of it pulling it out. I read the label "sleep agent".

How in the hell did I not notice that I had a large ass dart sticking out of me? I started to feel the agent kick in and I lay back on my bed accepting that this was what was going to happen and not even realizing that  they were probably trying to kidnap me.

Diego pov

Allison said she would be back. It's been 13 full minutes. I knew she was acting weird but this is just bazaar. All of us were sitting around  talking about what happened and what this meant, I came to the conclusion that she wasn't going to come back down and went to go check on her.

Deigo: i'll be back i'm going to go check on allison

Luther: when did you start give a crap about her

Deigo: just now now shut up i'll be back

I go upstairs to her room and knock on the door. It's locked, I call out her name asking if she was in there and what I got was a response of the same lady's voice  that we were fighting earlier. I panicked and kicked in the door, opening the door to Alison being picked up and carried out of her bedroom window by that surprisingly strong lady we fought. The other dude looked at me then attacked catching me off guard and sticked a dart in my area, I started to feel weird and passed out.

Hazels pov

Wow that was quick, the famous one took longer than the one that's been fighting all his life.

Cha cha: get him and lets go

I pick up the fighting guy and we seek out the window, we manage not to let them fall as we exit to the back alley down the ladder. We take separate cars putting one of them in each of the trunks and go back to where they were staying, when we get there I take a fighter in my room and tie him up and cha cha does the same with the famous one.

Cha cha: now see what happens when we stick to  the plan they set

Hazel: you got stabled and i got my ass kicked 13 times

Cha cha: but we did the objective now let's wake these fools up

I went and got the fighter and dragged him in and sat him next to the devil , the famous one. I slapped them and they both woke up staring up at us wide eyed. I could see in fighters eyes fear and the famous one nothing but anger and frustration.

Allison: what the fucking hell am i doing here

Deigo: those are the, the people we just fought fought

We forgot one has a speech disability, but that shouldn't bother him. Now

Allison: deigo calm down, motherfuckers im going to beat your asses

She broke that weak ass rope that they gave us and began to beat cha cha  she was moving too fast i couldn't just jump in without getting hurt, then the other one began to beat on me, catching a glimpse of his knife laying on the floor and the rope cut apart.

Allison: I'm going to rumor both of your asses,hear me! Diego cover your ears!

Cha cha: take his knives and knock him out i'll handle her

Cha chas pov

I'm fighting the famous one. I know she was part of the academy and knew how to fight but, I thought she would have forgotten by this time I thought wrong. I watched as she stepped back to get ready to use her power and I jumped on her knocking her down, she and her brother were passed out so I took some duct tape and put it over her mouth and tied them both back up  and made sure it was batter rope than last time.

Hazel: he loved  that officer named patch the one who worked on the shoot out at that donut shop

Cha cha: well we can use that against him but what about famous one over here

Hazel: her daughter Clare threaten to kill her if she doesn't join, but i'm afraid of her, i can see why they wanted her but him

Cha cha: good that something we can use, because he knows how to use a gun, can throw knives, pretty much any sharp objects you can throw but he can throw with precise aim. And she can alter time, change something  if she wants.

Hazel: what do you mean

Cha cha: she doesnt know this yet but she can use her power to make anything happen to anyone, so say she could come to me and be like I heard a rumor that you got shot and boom your shot.

Hazel: oh

We wait around for a while before they start to wake up, when they do they have their mask on and are ready to start, they sing in front of both of them with their arms crossed.

Allison: what the hell do you want from us!

She yells at us as she started to try and break free

Hazel: we don't wanna fight you

Deigo: then why are we tied us and you kidnapped us

Cha cha: fare point but we didnt take you to hurt you, we took you to recruit us

Allison tried to say something so i rip the duct tape off her mouth

Allison: for what

Cha cha: five, we need to know where number five is, tell us and we'll let you go, don't be beat the shit out of both of you until you talk

Allison: ever since he came back he started talking about the apocalypse or some shit like that but you know, but we don't know where he is

Cha cha: dont lie to us dumb bitch

I said slapping her leaving a red hand mark

Deigo: we really don't know

Hazel taps my are and points to the bathroom,

Cha cha: don't move

I say pointing to them

Allison: it's not like we can

I roll my eyes and me and hazel go into the bathroom to talk

Hazel: they don't know where five is and it doesn't seem like their going to tell us much, so we might as well start brain washing them

Cha cha: okay let's first try the guilt tripping them

Hazel: okay

We walk back out with gloves on and stand in front of them, they look up at us with an unimpressed look on their faces.

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