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Chang'An in Fire


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What is Chang'An in Fire

Read Chang'An in Fire novel written by the author Radesha_Byfield on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is History stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Chun Hua is a modern day College student who time travelled in the past to the Empire of Chang'An in the body of the 4th son of Prince of Chu 4th son of Emperor Tain Chun Lan of Chang'An Chun Yan Zhao. Prince of Chu, Chun Yan Zhao is an Unfavoured prince who was stationed at the State of Chu to guard the Northern borders of Chang'An despite great military achievements he was never ordered to return to Imperial Capital instead he was sent A wife and concubines via imperial decree in order to cur his growing powers and influence in court and Named Prince of Chu, General Gaurdian of The North and awarded teals upon teals of Gold. In 902 Crown Prince of Chang'An Chun Tain Yue defeated han state and captured the The Princess of Han and she was sent to the border as the second wife of Prince of chu whom gave birth to her son who she named Chun Hua as she wanted a girl knowing that if she had a son he will never be elegible for the line of succesion bearing blood of enemy territory. Despite not being able to success his Father Chun Hua was bullied for being weak and femmine as his skin was fairer than any Maiden and body delicate as a princess( Means he was born weak and sickly)rivaling every beauty in Chang'An, the beauty of a Temptess. Despised by both mother and Father Brothers and other relatives Chun Hua has never known a day of peace and he knew no martial arts so he could Not defend himself from the other nobles and servants alike. At age 10 he was posioned and secretly taken out the Chu Mansion and taken to Min lan mountains said to be huanted by Ghost and Mystical beasts and left for dead on the brink of death Chun Hua from the Modern world met in an accident and was transferred into the body of 4th son of Chun Yan Zhao Chun hua. Retaining of the memories of Chun Hua, Chun Hua return to the Chun Mansion barely breathing where was treated by the physicians who told them his posion is violent and unknown he'll never recover from it again. Seen as he cheated death Chun Hua announced to the general that he would like to leave the General Mansion to live the Villa at Shu San mountain and recover in peace seeing that he had no purpose in the mansion anyways and will return 6 years later for his coming of age ceremony. Chun Hua left for the Mountains with one aim only, to become stronger , 6 years later upon his return a storm will brew in the heart of chang'An will they be able to withstand it. A Prince Chu whom appears in a wheel chair and blinded eyes how much of a threat could he prove to be? With internal and external issues will the Empire of Chang'An become United and stand or become even more divided and fall? what is the roll of Chun Hua? Will he make a name for himself will he watch his family fall or will he stand by his country and Extend the Strength of Chang'An bringing his Father and the Chu mansion Glory the imperial city and the world has never seen before.


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