1 Encounter (1)

Fate is a funny thing. You never know how it plays its cards. Some say that we make our own fate but the legibility of that statement doesn't apply everywhere…

(I don't understand this line myself :))

There was once a girl, she was like your girl next door. Had a happy family, friends who always were with her. All in all, she had a pretty normal life.

Until one day it all changed...

On a fine Monday morning (I totally hate those) she woke up late. As a result, she was late for her classes. In a flurry she got ready and went out of her room. She grabbed an apple from the refrigerator, her favorite book and with earphones plugged in ears she literally flew from the door.

And as she was late she took the shortcut to her classes. Being immersed in music and book she didn't notice that the street was fairly empty on a freaking Monday morning.

She was on a turning point- in the story she was reading- you see so she was lost in some other world until she neared a bridge where somebody grabbed her from the waist.

She was shocked would be an understatement, it was like as if someone threw a bucket full of chilling water on her on an extremely cold morning. Due to the shock her earphones came tumbling out of her ears.

Eyes with the size of saucers she looked up to see the culprit who had dragged her so unceremoniously.

Even in her stupefied state, she didn't fail to notice how handsome the man, holding her was. He was slightly glaring at her and his gaze held a questioning look. Slightly moving away he bent down to her ear.

"Why aren't you performing?" he whispered inconspicuously in her ear.

She became flustered with his closeness and his warm breath mixed with the smell of mint and cologne was tickling her cheeks.

Then it hit her that he was a stranger and he was manhandling her. She was about to leave an imprint of her hand on his sexy face but he was saved by a weird man, holding a camera and yelling 'CUT'.

Whoa! She thought, her quick mind deduced that she had walked in on a shooting sight. Looking around she saw the crew- doing one or the other thing. Cheeks painted red she again looked up at the man who still hadn't released her.

"Is there a problem Big bro?" came a voice from behind her and the man who seconds ago had held her answered the question nonchalantly before releasing her from his hold, "No it's fine Ray." After assuring his friend he turned to her, "Are you fine?" he asked.

Shew still couldn't form any coherent sentence. She stood there mumbling, "Um… sorry…". She was embarrassed about the situation she had gotten herself into.

Timo patted her head reassuringly, "It's ok, sometimes during the shoot it happens, take a deep breath and you can do it." He tried to comfort her with his words.

Shaking her head Shew tried to explain, "I am not a part of this, I didn't notice where I was going and ended up here."

Timo frowned, connecting the dots, "You mean to say you are not the actress?"

Shew nodded her head in agreement, "Yes, I am sorry I interrupted your shoot. I will leave now."

Saying so she started to turn back and leave.

Timo didn't know why but he didn't want her to leave just yet, "WAIT…" he couldn't hold back and called out to her.

Heart beating fast in embarrassment she turned around to his call but he was taken away by the horde of crew members for touch up and whatnot.

Sighing in relief Shew hurriedly walked down the remaining path and reached her class.

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