Chance Encounter (love at first sight)Chance Encounter (love at first sight)

Chance Encounter (love at first sight)

by Sanchi94

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They met by pure chance. They fell for each other in that single encounter. This thing called 'love at first sight' defies logic. But who would dare tell this to Timo? He has been waiting for that one person for five long years. Whether she remembers his existence in the hurricane that her life brings her and sets her on a path of no return is yet to be known. *** This story is purely based on 'love at first sight' with some dark undertones and many ups and downs. (But there is no backstabbing, betrayal and other kinds of usual trope) The other stories in this series are: 1. Arranged by chance and Married by choice 2. Runaway rich guy's love endeavour.

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