118 Settle The Past 2

Then an enormous multi-armed Guanyin of ice with size around 100 meters appeared in front of everyone.


Everyone could only stare at this Guanyin of ice with a shock expression.

It was Bourne's second time using this magic, the first was when he did his revenge against Deliora and the second time, was used against Gray!

Then the Guanyin of ice raised one of its hands and struck Gray with a chop!

There was no mercy in this attack and once it hit Gray, it would kill Gray directly.

Gray was stunned there, but he didn't expect Bourne's action and stunned in place. However, he quickly remembered Bourne's last words at that time.

"You...! If I see you again in front of me, I'll kill you!"

Gray cried and knew that he wouldn't be saved.

"Stop it, Bourne!"

Makarov quickly used his magic and became a giant, blocking Bourne's attack.


Makarov frowned and felt his entire body tremble. His entire body felt cold and his hand was frozen.

"Bourne, why are you doing this! Stop!" Erza shouted since didn't understand what was happening.

"Just get away from there, my target is Gray," Bourne said calmly. His voice was as cold as ice and there was no emotion in it. However, he was boiling in anger, especially when he heard Gray asking for forgiveness.

Bourne felt that Gray had never changed and this guy had been someone who had never understood the feeling of someone. If this guy didn't say anything from the beginning to the end, then he wouldn't do anything, but this guy kept blabbering asking him for forgiveness which caused him to be very furious.

"I can't let you do that!" Makarov stared at Bourne with a fierce expression and said, "No matter what Gray has done to you, I can't let him die in front of me!"

Bourne looked at Makarov and sneered. "You sure are very hypocritical, Makarov."

Makarov frowned and asked, "What do you mean?" He didn't know what had happened between Bourne and Gray, however, even so, Gray was the member of his guild and he would protect him no matter what.

"When your guild causes trouble to a lot of people, you say nothing and don't even repent it. Last time I heard that your guild member has destroyed a city and you don't even apologize. It won't be long before your guild member kills someone in an accident," Bourne said.

"There's no way that we will do that!" Natsu screamed.

"Shut up, Natsu!" Makarov shouted, but his eyes kept staring at Bourne since he knew that Bourne wasn't an opponent who he could belittle. "So what has Gray done to you?" He didn't know what kind of problem that Gray had done to Bourne, but from Bourne's anger alone, he could tell that there was no way it was something small.

"What has he done to me?"

Bourne snickered and took out his left hand. "See? I have lost my left hand, whose fault do you think it is?"


Everyone was surprised when they found out Bourne had lost his left arm.

"But this isn't the reason that you need to take his life!" Makarov reminded Bourne.

"Not the reason?" A blue vein appeared on Bourne's forehead and he said, "Because of him the Land of Isvan is destroyed! Because of him, I have lost you my loved one! Because of him, I have lost my home! Because of him, I have lost everything!" His face distorted in anger which caused Makarov to flinch.

"So you want me to forgive him?!" Bourne smiled and said, "Earlier, I want to go back so quickly and won't do anything to him, but because of his words earlier, I have changed my mind." He stared at Gray who didn't dare to look at him and said, "You've said earlier that he wanted my forgiveness, right? If you hear such words come from someone who has done all of that to you then will you forgive him?"


Everyone could feel the pain of Bourne and couldn't help but frown at Gray who said those words to Bourne.

There was a limit to someone for being so shameless!

They also understood that they would also become furious when they heard someone screaming crazily, asking for forgiveness!

Erza also frowned at Gray since she didn't expect for this guy to do all of that to Bourne.

"Who cares about th--"

Natsu screamed once again, but this time, he was slapped by Bourne's Guanyin of ice and he was thrown a hundred meters away.



The members of Fairy Tail were startled when Natsu was suddenly slapped far away.

"You won't move away now?" Bourne asked.

"No! Even if Gray has done all of that to you, I won't let you kill him," Makarov said. In truth, he also sympathized with Bourne, however, Gray was his guild member and he couldn't let Gray die in front of him.

"Is that so?"

Bourne didn't waste his mouth and started to throw an extremely fast but precise barrage of powerful punches to pulverize Makarov.

"Ora! Ora! Ora!"

Makarov tried to defend, but the power behind Bourne's attack was so powerful that he was beaten mercilessly!


Makarov was also thrown away and he returned to his normal size.

"Sorry, Bourne, but I can't let you kill Gray here," Erza said and she was ready to fight Bourne.

However, in front of a woman, Bourne didn't even give mercy to Erza and freeze her directly.

Bourne then walked toward Gray who had been silent, but then he saw Lucy standing in front of him.

"Step away."

Lucy's body trembled, but she didn't move, however, a magic circle appeared beside her and grabbed Lucy to run away.

Bourne saw that it was Leo who brought Lucy to run away. He kept walking and created an axe of ice. He dragged his weapon and stared at the person who had brought him all the misfortune in his life.

"Bourne..." Gray stared at Bourne with a pained expression.

"You sure have it easy, huh? Do you have fun with your new family?" Bourne asked coldly.


Each word that came out from Bourne's mouth made Gray feel that he was being stabbed by a dagger. It was so painful, however.....

"Sorry, Bourne. I apologize for what I have done to you but I - I don't want to die," Gray said and stood up, he was ready to defend himself, but he was slapped by Bourne's hand.


Gray was stunned before he was repeatedly slapped.

Bourne had never seen someone so hypocrite at this moment, but at the same time, it erased the guilt on his heart which made him able to kill Gray without hesitation.

"Bourne... I..."

Gray's face disfigured and he almost lost all of his teeth, but no one could help him. He felt very scared, but he quickly passed out since he couldn't handle the tantamount of pain from Bourne's slaps.

Bourne was about to swing his axe on the ice, but his leg was grabbed by Makarov.

"Please don't kill him....." Makarov's voice was very weak, but he kept grabbing on Bourne's leg.


Bourne stared at Makarov and said, "Do you love this guy so much?"

"...Yes.... I treat him like a child," Makarov said after a long sigh. He didn't expect Bourne to be such a monster and he couldn't even stand a chance in front of him, however, even so, he needed to protect his children.

Bourne pressed his hand on Gray's face and started to use his magic to seal his magic. Then when it was over, he stood up and kicked Gray away from him without hesitation. He cleaned his dirty hands and said, "What can you give me?"

"Huh?" Makarov was confused by Bourne's words.

"I can let him go, but I need you to give me three promises," Bourne said.

"Wh - What is it? Please tell me!" Makarov quickly asked.

"First, don't let him appear in front of my eyes. Once he appears in front of me then I will kill him without hesitation," Bourne said while staring at Makarov's eyes.


Makarov gulped since Bourne was very scary at that moment. "I - I promise you..."

"Second, I don't want him to use "Ice Make" magic. He doesn't have the right to use it," Bourne said. He disdained Gray who wanted to use "Ice Make" magic to attack him before which annoyed him.

"Good." Makarov nodded and said, "I can agree with that." There were a lot of magic books on Fairy Tail and even if Gray couldn't use "Ice Make" magic, it didn't mean Gray couldn't use other magic.

"The last one is what can you give me in exchange for his life?" Bourne looked at Makarov and said, "He's your child, right? The child's mistake is also the parent's mistake, in exchange for Gray's life, what can you give me?"

Makarov was full of anger and shouted, "How dare you ask such a thing?!"

"Then you can only say goodbye to your children," Bourne said and walked toward Gray.

"I - I...." Makarov gritted his teeth and asked, "What do you want?"

Bourne stopped and asked, "In your eyes, what is the worth of Gray's life? Is it so precious that you'll give up the life of your entire members of guild? Let me see what you can give me in exchange for Gray's life." He then walked toward Makarov which caused Makarov to feel nervous.

However, Bourne kept walking and snapped his fingers before Erza who was frozen was freed from his magic.

"Let's go," Bourne said.

Ikaruga, Juvia, and Sorano nodded and followed him.

"Remember, don't let him appear in front of my eyes or else...."

Bourne raised his palm then in an instant, he froze half of the jungle.


"Next time, I won't show mercy."

With the sound of his footsteps disappearing, his aircraft was flying away, but the people in this place didn't move before they plopped on the ground since what had happened earlier made them scared, however, the victim on this place was Bourne and no one felt sorry for Fairy Tail at this moment.

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