2 Name?

On the same day as usual, he was on the court to help his client. This case was quite big and quite hard to deal with, but he was confident to win this trial. He knew that once he had won this trial, his name would became famous and money would keep coming toward him.


With his eloquent skill, he was able to reverse the situation which made the opponent dumbstruck then he quickly made his client innocent and won the trial.

Everyone was very surprised by the result of the trial and at the same time, they were in awe of him since he was able to win this trial.

He sighed in relief and thought to have a big party after this, but suddenly the opponent of his client suddenly raised a gun to shoot him down.


He wanted to curse and protest the police in this place since how the heck could they let someone bring a firearm in this place, but it was too late.


His consciousness started to get hazy and his head felt hot. He couldn't open his eyes and dropped to the ground.

'Am I going to die?'

He couldn't believe it since his glorious life, his life as a legendary attorney would just begin but suddenly he died in such funny things. Everything turned into darkness before he lost his unconscious. In that very moment, he heard some voices, but it was so hard to open his eyes and he couldn't hear anything anymore.



He opened his eyes and felt a bit groggy. He blinked his eyes for a while and realized that he was in an unfamiliar place. He remembered that he was being shot by his opponent's client which made him quite speechless since why should he be the one being shot? He looked at the ceiling and felt weird since the ceiling was made from wood.

"Which hospital is this?"

He paid quite a sum of money for his health insurance, and he couldn't accept it when he was living in such a messy and dirty hospital room. His head was very messy and he couldn't erase the groggy feeling on his head. He tried to raise his body while massaging his temple.

"Where the heck is this?"

He suddenly smelled quite a fragrant smell which made him turn his head.


He saw a beautiful woman who was only wearing undergarments. He remembered that he had won the trial, but he didn't remember that he had brought a stripper. He couldn't remember what was happening after he was shot by bullet on his head. He felt very confused then he looked at the window which showed rain which was mixed with snow. It dumped his mood more when he saw something like this when he had just woken up, but suddenly he realized something.

"Snow? Wait, snow?"

He quickly got up. He didn't know why, but his body was quite strong for some reason (though, he didn't realize it). He looked at the window and saw that the sky was very dark and it was raining very hard.


He remembered that it was summer before, but how it suddenly turned into snow. Then suddenly he realized something.

"Why is the window so tall?"

He didn't want to be arrogant, but he was quite tall to his peers, but suddenly his height couldn't even reach the door knob.


He started to sweat profiously. It was obviously snowy and cold yet he was sweating very hard. He was so nervous that he quickly looked around the house to see whether he could find a mirror. He quickly found it and looked at his appearence.


He couldn't utter a word. He, who was a grown up man and was about to marry his fiancee, suddenly turned into a child.

"Did I take a drug?"

He remembered in some anime that there was a main character who took a drug and turned into a child. It was a very interesting anime, but it wasn't interesting when it happened to him. He didn't remember that he had threatened the stability of an evil organization nor the Black Organization. He plopped on the ground and felt everything was confusing. He didn't remember how long he had been in a coma or if it was an effect of the drug to recover his body. He didn't know which one it was, but one thing for sure was that he had become a child. Though, strangely, he didn't feel panic nor fear, rather he could accept it.

"What's wrong?"

He felt that the state of his mind was a bit weird, but he couldn't tell what had happened. Then he suddenly noticed that his face was a bit different. He was handsome, but this face was different from his childhood face.

"Who the heck is this?"

He also noticed something on his shoulders and he took off his t-shirt which made him speechless.


He didn't know who this person was, but he couldn't even think that someone could be cruel to put a tattoo on a small child such as him. Then suddenly he noticed that his hand kept dripping water.

"Wait, water? Water?! From my hand?!"

This time he was startled since this water kept dripping from his hand. He waved his hand hard and tried to stop it, but it couldn't stop.

"What the hell is happening!?"

"Shut up!"

Suddenly his head was hit by a pillow, but it was harder than he had thought when he crashed into the wall.


He didn't feel hurt, rather he felt a buoyancy when he crashed into the wall. He caressed his head and felt his hand was wet. That crash woke him up and made him calm down.

"Oh, you've woken up?"

He looked at the woman who only wore underwear and a bra. It might be his hypothesis, but he seemed to be five years old. He didn't have a reaction when he saw this beautiful woman even thought this woman was half-naked. At the same time, he felt pity that he didn't meet this woman during his bachelor time.

'Wait, this isn't the time to think about that!'


He only stared at this woman since he felt everything was so weird. He could understand the words of the woman even thought it seemed to be different from his own language and he also didn't know who this woman was. He blinked his eyes and kept staring at this woman. He could see her smiling at him.

"W, who are you?"

He couldn't help but ask that question since he needed to know what was happening.

"My name is Ur."

Ur smiled looking at this boy and ignored the water which kept dripping from his hand. She folded her arms and asked, "How about you? What's your name?"

"My name?"

He blinked his eyes again and suddenly....

'What's happening?'

He couldn't remember his name which made him feel weird. He remembered that he was an attorney, but he couldn't remember his name which made him confused and one thing for sure, he couldn't feel fear which made him feel weird.

'Ugh.. What's happening?'

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He tried really hard to remember his name, but he couldn't.


Ur seemed to understand that this boy didn't seem to remember his name. She thought for a bit and said, "Then how about I give you name?"

"You will?"

He looked at the woman with skeptical eyes. He also found it weird why he prioritized this woman rather than thinking about his weird state of mind, but it might be because she had helped her? He wasn't sure the real reason, but his thought was broken when he heard her outburst.

"What's with those eyes! My sense of name is very good!" Ur couldn't accept being disdained by this boy. She pondered for a while and wondered what kind of name was suitable for him.



"That's right! I'll name you Bourne. From now on, your name is Bourne." Ur seemed satisfied with this name and thought that she was quite genius at naming someone.

"Bourne, huh?"

He strangely didn't hate this name and nodded.

"Good, now, we need to stop the water that keeps dripping from your hands."


Bourne agreed since he had been wondering what was happening with his body..

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