4 Child Protection's Right!

The time moved quickly and it had been two weeks since Bourne had been living with Ur. In the past two weeks, he learned to control his magic which stopped the rain from happening in the surrounding area. He hadn't learned anything else and only learned to control his "Water" magic well since it was quite troublesome magic. When his mood wasn't good, it would start to rain and it would make it hard for him and Ur to go out at that time.

That's why that he had been focussing himself on controlling his magic.

Thought, besides controlling his magic, Ur had also forced him to do something strange. He understood the physical training, even though it was quite troublesome and sometimes he felt quite lazy, but he knew that it was necessary. However, one thing that he didn't understand was why he needed to get naked on the snowy mountain which made him speechless.

It was a great morning, he thought to sleep until the afternoon, but he knew that it was impossible when his butt was kicked by someone.


"It hurts!"

Bourne caressed his butt while looking at Ur lazily. If there was child protection in this world, he knew that this woman could enter detention, but he knew that there wasn't any such of that. He had learned general knowledge of this world, even if the rules were quite good, but compared to the modern world, it was several times more backward and worse.

"Get up, Bourne!"

Ur folded her arms while looking at Borne with a speechless expression. She knew this boy for two weeks and somehow she felt that it was necessary to make him train harder. She knew that he was very talented, especially on water-related magic, including ice magic which made her happy, but this guy was quite lazy. Looking at him, even though she didn't want to, it made her think of her daughter in the past. She knew that this boy was younger than her daughter, and he wasn't her daughter. Even Bourne's gender was different from her daughter's, but even so, she started to think of him as her child.

Sitting lazily, Bourne looked at Ur and asked, "Do we need to train again?"

"Of course, take off your clothes now!"


If someone heard this Ur uttered those words in public then he was sure that she could become a criminal. He shook his head and didn't fight back since he learned that it was necessary thing to learn Ice-Make.

"You don't need to take off your underwear."

Ur hurriedly stopped him and somehow she felt that she needed to tell him about a common sense that someone shouldn't get naked in public.

If Bourne knew what this woman was thinking then he would only look at her with a speechless expression.


Standing on the plateau of the snowy mountain, Bourne didn't have time to appreciate the beauty of nature.

He only wore his shorts and nothing on his upper part. He hugged his arms tightly and his teeth chattered since it was so cold. Then he looked at Ur who was wearing only her undergarments beside him.

"Ur, can I ask you a question?"

"What's wrong? I won't reduce your physical training, though." Ur knew that this boy was very smart and he often fooled her to make her stop training early which made her pull his cheek very hard.

"Why do we live in this place?"

Bourne could tell that Ur was very strong. He wasn't sure, but he hadn't seen other humans beside Ur and he couldn't make comparisons, but he could tell that since she was magician, her strength obviously wasn't something that could be scoffed off.

"What? You don't like to live in this place?"

Ur glared at him, but at the same time, she was a bit worried that he wanted to escape from this place.

Shaking his head, Bourne put a very cute expression on his face and hugged Ur's leg.

"No, as long as you're with me. I'm happy to live in this place."

It was his honest opinion, even though Ur's house was only a little bungalow, it was very cozy and comfortable. It had no neighboring houses, and stood alone on a snowy plateau which made it very quiet. But even so, Ur was the person who had saved him and took care of him. Even though she was clumsy, she couldn't perform a cleaning and only cooked roast meat everyday. But even so, he cared for her, and of course, because of that he was usually the one who took care of the chores at house since he had enough eating roast meat every day.

Beside being strong at magic, Bourne found out that Ur wasn't very good at everything. He started to doubt whether the reason why she lived in this mountain was because she couldn't find a partner to marry. Living as a hermit might be a good choice, especially when human relationships are very troublesome things. But she didn't need to worry about that anymore since he was living with her from now on and of course, he was going to make her happy.

The only thing which made him regret was that he couldn't be reincarnated earlier. If he was reincarnated 15 years earlier then he might try to court her and ask her to marry, but such a good thing couldn't happen unless there was a time magic or something.

Ur smiled hearing Bourne's words and caressed his head. "You little ghost. Even if your mouth is sweet. I won't reduce your training."


Bourne had a deadpan expression on his face when he heard it. He raised his hand and couldn't help but complain.

"I object! I'm five years old! I need my rights as a child! You can't train me so hard everyday!"

Bourne felt that Ur's training was inhuman, especially the naked part. Even though he knew that magic would protect his body, even so, he was a child. He was afraid long term training would damage his growth in the future.

Shaking her head, Ur couldn't help but feel that this kid was very cute somehow.

"You don't need to worry. My training won't hurt your growth."

"Really?" Bourne looked at Ur with skeptical eyes.

"Yes." Ur nodded and looked toward the distance. "This world isn't as peaceful as it seems."

Bourne raised his eyebrow when he heard that sentence. "So there's a lot of criminals in this place?"

Ur nodded her head and felt very good when this child was so smart that she didn't need to explain too much.

"Dark magician, magical beast, slave dealer, murderer, etc. There are a lot of things in this world which can threaten your life. As my pupil, I want you to have the ability to protect yourself."

Shaking his head, Bourne said, "I don't agree."


His refusal startled Ur, then she started to frown before asking, "Why?"

"As your pupil, of course, I'll become stronger, but I don't want the power to protect myself."

"Then?" Ur kept her frown, and

"I want enough power to protect you..." Bourne's expression was quite cheeky and he folded his arms. If he was 15 years older than he was sure that this woman would fall for him.

Ur snorted and couldn't help but smile. She flicked Bourne's nose since this guy was very cheeky.


Ur's flick didn't have mercy on Bourne which made him hold his red nose.

"Then let's see whether you have that ability or not. Let's train now."

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"Sigh... alright..."

Ur looked at Bourne and thought that if this guy was born earlier then her life would be quite fun. She started to run while telling him to follow her.

Following up behind Ur, Bourne erased all of the dissatisfaction in his heart since this time he could start to appreciate his surrounding area, especially Ur's butt area..

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