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Chains of Love


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This story is located in Japan, but not the Japan we know. A parallel world. Tanaka Chihiro, a very cute and beautiful girl starts her high school life with an event that changes her whole life. Tanaka Chihiro is in love when she first meet another beauty named Kobayashi Rylie, but meeting her twist her fate and changes her thru her life time. Let us follow the story that changes Tanaka Chihiro and all the event that happens inside her life. Kobayashi Rylie can finally live alone with her brother named Kobayashi Ryan. The dream to leave her other family members have come true. But it is far from it, her family keeps on trying to drag her and Ryan back into the house. She has many secrets and only Ryan keeps the secret safe and protected her. will the life of a psychotic girl connects with her family again? Will Ryan be able to keep all her secret safe? Author's memo: I can upload 1 Chapter every weekdays and I will try to upload 2 Chapter on weekends. 1 Chapter varies from 1,5K words to 2,5K words, I cut each Chapter based on the story so it is varied. Enjoy!


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