Alice held her cup tightly while crying silently.

She doesn't know what to do anymore. Why don't they just kill her like they did with her parents? She bit her lower lip with the thought, but she bit it harder wishing that this was all a nightmare. A nightmare that will be gone tomorrow as she kiss her parents before going to school.

She cried harder when she felt the sting in her lips, and the taste of her own blood.

"Stop that Alice." Said the man in front of her. She looked at the man sharply and hissed.

"Just kill me." She said between her tears and cold voice.

The man stood up and sit beside her. The presence of this man is scary enough to make her numb and unable to speak. Her mind went blank from fear. She was just a little human that can't fight someone like him.

Alice held her breath when the man suddenly held her face and tilt it towards his'.

She closed her eyes and felt something soft touched her bleeding lips, she opened her eyes to see the man slowly wiping the blood with a white handkerchief.

"Stop hurting yourself Alice. It is not you who owns your life anymore, it is I who decides your fate."

When the small cloth left her lips, the man stood up and faced the door. With the dim light inside the room, she can see the built of the man. It looks sturdy and hard enough to break her little bones. Her being a black belter is just a fly for this monster.

"Call me Cainne, sweetheart. Good night." He said breaking her thoughts. Then he left the room and her alone.

Alice then released her cry. She couldn't forget what happened just earlier today.

She was going to the university as usual. The sun was warm in her skin that is only covered with sleeveless tops with printed flowers, and is tucked-in in a black high-waist skinny jeans. She then stopped in her tracks when she remembered something.

"Augh! My thesis! Deym it." She hissed and run back towards their house.

It was her last year in college and that day was there defense for thesis. However, there she was running back to her house to get the hard bound copy.

"How can I forget that? I'll just take a cab to school later." She frowned with what she said. She was keeping her money to buy a gift for her parents' 27th anniversary.

Gasping for air she stood in front of her house.

She went inside their gate and went straight for the door.

"Mom!" She shouted before she entered the house, "Huh? Are they out?" She went straight in the living room to see her parents.

"Mom.. Dad.." she looked at the group of men with black tuxedo. "W-what do you people need?" She shouted at them. She looked at her parents tied down in a chair with a cloth in their mouth. Her mother was crying while shaking her head, while her father has a bleeding face and closed eyes.

"Alice, you're supposed to be in the university." A man said as he walked towards Alice. The man was wearing a grey tuxedo and he gives a dangerous aura making Alice numb.

"Stay away from me!" She frightenly said and posed a fighting stance, "I am a black belter" she said stating a fact.

The man removed his smile and plastered a dark look in his eyes and went back to her parents.

"This family keeps on hiding from me, but you can't escape forever. Every money that your family used was all mine." The man said coldly and her shreek rang all over the house when he shot his father.

"Daddy!" Alice shouted and run towards them when two men stopped her. "Let me go! Stop it! Don't kill them! Stop please! If, if it's money I'll pay. I'll work and pay, just please. No. No."

The man looked at her in the eyes. "Of course, you're the only treasure left of this family, and you're the payment. Your body, soul, and mind, is mine." With that, another gun shot was heard.



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