Chained To The Beast Book

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Chained To The Beast


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Holly accidentally woke up the sleeping Alpha King. A young woman from the Grisia kingdom must be sent to Dark Hill castle every ten years. This year, they choose Holly as a sacrifice. People said a beast lived in that castle and ate every woman that was supposed to be his servant. That was why those women never comeback. Holly only got two choices after her father was beheaded for treason; killed in her village or go to the Dark Hill and be eaten by the beast. Holly chose to went to the Dark Hill. But instead of a beast, Holly found a handsome and charming man who slept in a glass coffin. A king that was cursed to sleep in eternity. Immortal but neither life nor death. She woke him up accidentally. At first, she thought everything was fine until she realized there must be a reason why the King was cursed. The King was the beast himself. Too late to run away, she chained to the King and shared the curse with him. The curse hasn't finished yet. … "Only a Luna can break the curse." "I don't know who Luna is. But my name is Holly Reloux. And I don't want to be your Queen!" "You already did." Felix took his dagger. With one move, he stabbed Holly in the chest. Everyone was shocked and speechless without understanding what their King was doing. A few moments ago, Felix announced that Holly would be their Queen, but now Felix killed her instead. Holly held her bloody chest. It hurt so much that she couldn't breathe. Her legs gave up, and she fell to the floor. With a blurry vision, Holly saw Felix still standing beside her. He looked at Holly expressionlessly. Before she lost consciousness, Holly heard Felix say with his stoic face, "Congratulations, My Queen. Now you're the first immortal human." _______ Design cover by jc_graphicc I have the right to use it as my cover.


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