1 You can't run forever

Amy helplessly looked at the man before her. She once thought that he was the love of her life, but now she knew it was just her dreaming. She never knew the real Han. She loved the Han, that he wanted to show her. The one before her was the Han she was afraid of, and run away from him. But here he was, and she knew it was over.

"It's your choice. Give me what I want, and he can go home, I won't harm him, or look for him ever again. You just have to give in, darling. "

He said it with a smug smile on his face. He knew I just can't let him die, not after the things he did for me, for my freedom.

"What do you want, Han?

I knew what was coming, but somewhere deep in my mind, I was hoping for a different kind of answer…

"You, of course, darling. I want you, and this time I will make sure, you can't run away from me ever again."

If I didn't knew better, I would have thought that he was in pain, when he spoke about me running away from him. But I knew better, I knew him, he is not capable of that kind of feelings, he just wants to own me, wants me to obey his commands, be at his beck and call at all the time, nothing else. And that's why I left him in the first place before. And now we are back at square one, again…

"Haahh, be it as you will. But you have to promise me, he won't come to any harm after this ever again. Promise me, and I will go with you, and this time I will stay as long as you want me to stay. "

"Okay, I promise. So come here, darling."

It was over. I knew I couldn't run forever, hide from him, but I was hoping for a little bit more time of being away from him, being alone, but it has come to an end. But I know, he will tire of me soon, and he will just discard me, just like he did with everything else in his life. I was always watching him, and I knew that it was my fate as well, but I just couldn't accept this kind of future for myself anymore, so I run away.

"No, Amy! Don't do this, not for me. Just run, you can run away, leave me!"

Stephen tired to struggle free from the ones keeping him down, but it was futile after all. Then one of them seemed to have tired of him, and just hit him so hard, he stayed down, and couldn't stand up again.

"No, stop!! Han, you promised, you won't harm him! Please, I will go with you, just let him go! Please!"

I was begging him. I knew it was all I could do. He was here, I didn't have anywhere to run away.

"Yes, I promised to let him go. But he also has to promise to never appear in front of me ever again, because I don't know if I will be able to keep back myself from killing him. After all, it's thanks to him, that I had to be without you for a year. You know, I have killed for less before. So you can imagine how much self control I must have right now that he is still alive, right?"

I looked at Han, and saw the fury in his eyes. I knew he was telling the truth this time, he would really kill Stephen, and he wouldn't feel anything at all. That side of his was one of the reasons that I left him before. I was afraid. Afraid about what he would do to me once he was tired of me. Would he let me go, or would he just kill me without any feelings, just like he did so with his lovers before?

I looked at Stephen, and knew I had to do this, so at least, he can live

"Sorry Stephen, but I have to do this. Please, promise me. Promise me, that you will never look for me, and you will try to live your life after I'm gone, just like you did before we met. I'm sorry, because of me, you had to go through something like this. But after I'm gone, please try to forget this, forget me. It will be so much easier to move on, if you can do that. And I am really grateful for everything you did for me. Thanks to you, I could live my life a little for myself, and I could make so many happy memories. Thank you, and farewell

I looked at Stephen one last time, and then with resolution I didn't know I had, I started to walk towards Han, and towards my fate.

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