Chain Chronicles of Glory Zero Day Book

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Chain Chronicles of Glory Zero Day


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War a never-ending concept of humanity In the year 2245 A.D, an experimental energy device known as the "Quantum Reactor" is created to help alleviate the problems stemming from Earth's dwindling fossil fuel reserves and over uses of the nuclear reactors. Unfortunately, the "Quantum Reactor" goes out of control, exploding and bathing the world with unknown energies in an incident known as the "Xianglong Crisis". As a result of the catastrophic environmental and rapid technological changes has happened to the Earth and humanity with it that follow after as well as a gate to the unknown but what lies beyond. Disclaimer all artworks you see here such as the cover are not mine but in time, soon I will hopefully get my own artworks up but what ever artworks i will put up for my works are all forms of inspiration art works for my stories if you want to support the original artists check out their works at artstation.com