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I don’t remember how it started but it did. It was a fine morning and I woke up to notifications repeatedly coming from my phone. I was used to it now. It had been 2 weeks since the dating rumour and the George Floyd rumour. The notifications sort of became my alarm. I sighed and silenced my phone and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. As usual, I wore something that would make me blend in. I looked in front of the mirror and make sure I had everything on. 1: Sweater ✔︎ 2: Short Skirt ✔︎ 3: Timberlands ✔︎ 4: Cross-over purse ✔︎ 5: Beanie ✔︎ 6: Glasses ✔︎ I checked that everything was in place before I left the house. Surprisingly, I blended in really well and no one even looked at me. Everything was going well, until I was suddenly surrounded by a mob of people. I looked around and there was so many people starting to crowd me. I was confused until I saw the signs. “#JUSTICEFORGEORGEFLOYD” “KIM EUNJI DOESN’T DESERVE MARK LEE” “#EUNJI&MARKSHOULDBREAKUP” My mind was spiralling. I didn’t know what to look at. I was losing control with the loud protesting, words everywhere, how close everyone was, and the camera flashes flicking as a picture of me was taken. I fainted in the middle of the street.