22 Chapter 22

Paisley POV

I was home alone on a Friday relaxing when I heard my phone ring.

The caller ID read Blake... I picked up wondering why he called

Shouldn't he be enjoying his surprise dinner

"Hello" I answered

"You said I had a business dinner, Miss Ryan, what is this game you're playing with Jasmine?" His voice was low probably to avoid the other guest from hearing him

"I'm sorry sir but Miss Donovan is a close acquaintance of yours and she made the request, I obliged" I explained. I have come to accept the fact that nothing might ever happen between us, but Miss Donovan is different, they are so close that he spends his lunch hour with her and leave the office early just to be with her.

It hurts but if she will bring happiness to him, I'll help in any way to keep them together.

"Is Jasmine giving you your pay or am I?" He sounded upset

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