1 Intro

Blake's POV

I am Douglas Blake. I owe many companies but i work from the biggest one which is Douglas.B phones. The youngest CEO in New York,check. Rich,double check. Handsome, thriple check. Height,6feets4inches. Body like a Greek God. My age,? 23. I happened to be the only child of my family. My mom and Dad did all they could to make me a great guy. Well,I sure met their expectations. I was living a  great life as a CEO. I loved work because it made me rich and richer. But I also loved parties and women. I never joke with work and pleasure.

I have never been in love,never ever. I just loved having women in my arms on my hotel beds. I never took women to my private houses. After all,they are called private for a reason. And I never see a woman thrice. I don't date my employees. I may love flirting and sex but I respect the company's rule. I don't date my workers.

Ohhh,you wanna know why I don't see a woman twice. The last woman I saw thrice believed I had feelings for her. She woke up the next day and started making breakfast. She asked me if we were an item. And I told her a capital No. She gave me a few curse words and left crying. Seems like I broke her heart. But I never promised her a relationship. Just a nice time. I stopped seeing a woman thrice since then.  Seems something is about to change soon.

Clara's POV

I am Clara Tasha Lee.A natural blonde. Had nice Boobs,more than handful for a guy. Wide ass. Pretty natural face. Height 5feets 5inches. Age 21...nice qualities huh!!But I happened to be an orphan who grew up alone without any family member looking after me. My parents died in a plane crash when I was 18. I felt like my whole world crumbled when I heard the incident. I cried so hard alone with no one by my side. I decided to work hard and gain scholarship to one of IVY's college. I was given the scholarship but it was helpful to some extents. So I took up part-time jobs in cafes and bookstores. I had a hard time in college. But I was grateful to meet my best friend, Tiffany, who helped a lot. She gave me clothes and shoes as gifts every week. She introduced me to new people and from there I had little friends I could call my own.

I met Billy during my last days college. He was a nice guy and handsome to some extent. We grew close and later became an item. He loved parties, but I hate parties. He loved driving recklessly and I hate it. We started seeing things we hate in each other but we didn't break up because of those things. Till I discovered that he did drugs. I broke up with him and he told me it was fine. We went our separate ways. He came back begging after 2 weeks telling me he coulny live without me and also couldn't quit the drugs. I was not ready to accept him back.

Few months later, I started receiving letters and flowers from anonymous admirer. It was cool at first but it later got disturbing. Anytime I go out,I feel like someone is after me.

Now I'm a graduate submitting CVS in different companies. I had to find a job to pay for rent since im staying with Tiffany, I had to pay half of the rent. The anonymous admirer didn't stop his work. But I too was busy to keep thinking about who the person may be. I submitted my CVS to work in companies dealing with electronic and mostly phones. I was called for interview in many of those companies. But I was waiting for them to call me to start work.

Blake's POV.

I was so tired and I needed to shower and then have some fun. After showering and wearing my casual clothes,I took my BMW to the nearest club. I met few friends who we always party together and catch fun. Amongst those guys was my best friend,Williams but I call him Willy. He was once a fuckboy, who lives anything in skirt till he met his wife. He was and is still lovestruck. I wonder why he brings his wife to club since all they do is make out without caring about anyone. Seems love is doing them real good. I needed a lady to satisfy me tonight because I'm stressed as fuck. Then a pretty brunette came in and her smoke landed on my face. I motioned for her to come to the VIP section which she did. After few words and jokes,we both landed in one of my hotel rooms(did I mention that I have five star hotels which I also run) and had six. I left her there since it was already 2 and I needed to prepare for work. I decided to rush into my Bmw as it was already raining. It was raining so hard I could barely see well.  Then i saw a body lying on the ground. Holy shit.

Clara's POV.

I was having a hard time with whoever my admirer was because it was beginning to feel like obsession. Like I said earlier,I always feel like someone is coming after me and tonight is not different. I heard footsteps and before I could turn around and yell,I heard a crack and then everything went blank. I was going to die for sure.

This is my first novel guys and I hope you love it. I'm open to corrections. Thanks

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